Monday, September 26, 2011

Final Series Preview

Monday 7:10 - Cliff Lee v. Randall Delgado
Tuesday 7:10 - Roy Oswalt v. Derek Lowe
Wednesday 7:10 - Cole Hamels v. Tim Hudson 

Their Michael Martinez:
Jason Hayward - The next A-Rod has looked like the next... Hensley Muelens? I know the kid is young and he has an extremely bright future and comparing him to Michael Martinez is quite unfair, but the Braves were counting heavily on this young man and his .228 average .712 OPS are a huge disappointment.
Their Danys Baez:
Derek Lowe - Sixteen losses and a 4.92 ERA. His September ERA is 8.24. That's enough to drive a man to drink... and maybe drive.

What 2 Watch 4:
- John Bowker is now 0-12. Can he go hitless with the Phils?

- Michael Martinez is hitting .199. He needs one hit in his next 4 at-bats to equal Mendoza. Otherwise we might mock him. Maybe.

- The Braves' lead on the Wild Card is down to one game over the Cardinals. The Brewers lead the Diamondbacks by one game for the #2 seed. The Phillies would play the Cardinals if they win the Wild Card. If the Braves hold on, the Phils will open with the #3 seed.

I rank the Phillies possible opponents this way:

1. Brewers
2. D-backs
3. Cardinals
4. Braves

Since the Phils cannot play the Braves, I'm going to root for the Phils to sweep the Braves and have the Cardinals win the Wild Card. Chris Carpenter is scheduled to pitch the final game of the season. The NLDS would start three days later with game two following the next day. So, if the Phils play the Cardinals, they wouldn't see Chris Carpenter until game three. In the first two games, the Cardinals would have to throw some combination of Jaime Garcia, Kyle Lohse or Edwin Jackson. I like the Phils chances of Halladay/Lee versus those chumps.


GM-Carson said...

I'm rooting for Bowker to remain hitless and Martinez to remain south of .200. I know, I'm a jerk.

I'm also rooting for a sweep of the Braves, or at least 2 outta 3.

Corey said...

i can't believe martinez actually is close to .200. he hit .247 in july, .172 the other 5 months. but he is fast...

Anonymous said...

If the Phils sweep the Braves and Cards would take first 2 against Stro's, I don't think Carpenter would pitch Wed (no need) and would be waiting for the Phils in game#1 Saturday.

I thought the Phillies said Hamels won't pitch Wednesday - calling it a bullpen day (Blanton starting?) - with Hamels needed the extra rest ....

Randy said...

A couple of random thoughts....

What is this bullshit about Blanton possibly being on the postseason roster!? GTFOOH! Pack Michelin Man to the bullpen for a good view of the action and leave it at that.

Let Minimart hit .200--he did some good stuff. Not a lot, but we should be grateful for any offense we can get out of this team at the moment.

Eagles suck. Fire Reid.

Corey said...

re: carpenter not pitching. yeah, but that's an unlikely scenario.

re: the eagles. the eagles could fire reid but they'd still be left with that giant pansy at quarterback. a bruised hand and he sits on the bench pouting. get your ass on the field, you wuss.

SirAlden said...

So much hate from people rooting for the Phils.

Maybe we should go back to 1985-2002 (minus 1993) or from 1937-1949.

Then everyone would be so much more Cheerful and Sunnier.

M&M your 2012 Opening Day Shortstop!

Corey said...

if michael martinez is the starting shortstop next season, opening day will be my last blog post.

GM-Carson said...

I am with Corey. WSBGMs will exit the blog world if Michael Martinez is the starting shortstop. Small caveat- if he's replacing the injured regular SS, then that's a different thing.