Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ed Wade Doppelganger

The only team with a winning record against the Phillies since 2004 in the National League is the Astros. The Houston feckin' Astros. Why? Ed Wade. He picks up ex-Phillies faster than a hooker does an STD. And those ex-Phils want nothing more than stick it to their former team because they're pissed. Why are the pissed? They're on the Houston feckin' Astros...I thought we already established this. Anyway, here's Ed Wade's lookalike.


Training for Baseball Season

If you play baseball regularly every year, either in a local league or in school, you’ll probably want to make sure you’re in shape and ready for the start of the season. Unfortunately, there can be some long gaps in between the end of one season and the start of the next, and during that time many players fall off their training routines and get stuck in a sedentary lifestyle. For those who need some extra help getting back into shape specifically for playing baseball, consider these tips and use those applicable to your baseball training needs.

Get Swinging

Nailing swing time can be difficult, so if you want to master your timing and swing accuracy at the plate, you should start by practicing with a pitching machine. Going to the local batting cages or ordering your own personal baseball pitching machine will allow you to get that timing down pat as you also get your swinging technique aligned to fast pitch balls. Though it may be preferable to have a high speed pitcher train with you every day, for most people, that’s simply an impossibility. It may not have a face, but a pitching machine’s as close as you’ll get to facing a real pitcher again until the season starts.

Don’t Forget the Team

Practicing technique and timing by yourself is completely fine and allows you to focus on essential needs you personally have to address. But spending all of your time training alone undercuts the need to play with others. Baseball is a team sport with incredibly intricate player-to-player dynamics, so no matter how well you hit the ball, you’re still not going to be up to par unless you can throw to second base on time and communicate properly with other teammates during important plays.

Drop the Couch Potato

OK, so you can’t actually drop the couch potato, because the couch potato is you. But really, if you have been sitting on the couch every day for months prior to baseball season, there’s no way to get back in shape unless you start to move. Hit the gym, go for runs, even buy and use a jump rope daily if you have to. Whatever it takes to get back to your physical peak in the time remaining between now and the start of the season, the better. After all, it’ll be hard to run to first base if you’ve barely walked 90 feet in the past few months.


idol lash said...

Wade traded Curt Schilling, the Phillies long-term ACE to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Omar Daal, Vicente Padilla, Travis Lee. They signed veteran Mike Lieberthal and David Bell for large contracts, when they approached the end of their careers.

GM-Carson said...

Very displeased with the sloppy play against Houston and Hamels and Oswalts outings.