Thursday, September 22, 2011

Does All This Losing Matter?

I don't know. But consider the following. These are the records in the last ten game of the season for the previous World Series winners.

2010 - Giants - 7-3
2009 - Yankees - 7-3
2008 - Phils - 7-3
2007 - Red Sox - 6-4
2006 - Cards - 3-7
2005 - White Sox - 8-2
2004 - Red Sox - 7-3
2003 - Marlins - 7-3
2002 - Angels - 4-6
2001 - Dbacks - 7-3
2000 - Yankees - 2-8

The Phillies have entered their last ten games. They are currently 0-3.


GM-Carson said...

The teams with bad records in that span ('06 Cards, '02 Angels, and '00 Yanks) all had superior lineups to the one that the Phillies will be using.

Rollins, Victorino, and Utley have been terrible this month. Not just bad, but terrible. They, along with Pence and Howard are the main pieces. Howard and Pence have been alright, but both are now hurt.

This is bad.

Bob D said...

6th inning and one hit, one hit??? Only one g-d hit ? You can't say that on the radio!

Anonymous said...

I reckon ther'll be alot of tankin goin on in PHX & MIL to see who gets that slot that plays @CBP on Oct 1.STL walked their way right out of it I think but Phollies need to lose to ATL to make sure.WHO did become hitting coach when Uncle Miltie was fired?

Randy said...

Because the likes of the regular lineup is playing, this isn't tanking...this is sucking. I'd be less concerned if it was all benchwarmers, but it ain't. Sigh.

GM-Carson said...

So true. The regulars are in the lineup and they just suck right now. Truly, honestly suck. 1st round bust?