Saturday, August 13, 2011

Victorino's Hawaiian Entourage

Shane Victorino (aka- Flyin' Hawaiian) has a posse yo!

*Don't worry about Hamels being hurt because of his lack of control and substandard fastball last night (only 88 mph). Insider info reports that he had a very late night at his wife's charity event on Thursday and his performance was likely a residual effect.

*Wilson Betemit became the first player this season to commit The Howard for two different teams. He did it with the Kansas City Royals earlier this year and then with the Detroit Tigers last night. Congrats.

*ESPN's Erik Krabell wrote a piece about the NL & AL MVP Races and this comment stood out- "You’ll see no sign of Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard, the NL's RBI leader, because RBIs are a misleading statistic. Howard is having the worst season of his career, and not only defensively. It’s notable that his Phillies teammate John Mayberry Jr. has almost the same WAR. Perhaps the Phillies can’t afford to lose him, but let’s not call it an MVP season. Half the Phillies' lineup has been more valuable to their team, believe it or not."

*The Phils signed Jack Cust to a minor league deal. He lost his power in Seattle (doesn't everyone?), but can still draw walks. He'd be a better left-handed pinch hitting option than Gload, but so would Steve Jeltz at this point. Honestly, I'm still hoping for a Domonic Brown promotion before September, so that he is postseason roster eligible.

*If the Phillies lose to John Lannan tonight, I'm going to stop believing in this team.

Ha, just playin'.


Andrew said...

That is a ridiculous assessment of Howard! Although he is definitely not in the MVP voting, I would say he's still going to be in the, say, top 20. RBIs ARE a good stat. Isn't the game all about scoring runs to win? Unless you hit a HR every at-bat, its your ability to knock in the runners on base that is most important to the game. And his defense is not even close to as bad as it was 3-4 years ago. Give the guy a break. His salary is way too high, but I would never ask for him to be traded.

Bob D said...

Howard's defense is ok, Phils have the least amount of errors in baseball partly due to the fact that he can scoop an errant throw. He did have 0 errors until June and a number of them since (2 on one play). Howard has been adequate at 1B this year.

Victorino is playing himself into the MVP talk now

Preserve Jon said...

WAR is a good, but misleading stat. Over the course of his career Bobby Abreu has racked up a 58.6 WAR while Derek Jeter has a relatively comparable 70.3 (over one more careers year). This would put Abreu and Jeter in similar company and has been pointed to as an argument for Abreu's HOF case. It is, of course, ludicrous.

The game is played on the field. Metrics can provide stat-heads an opportunity to feel like omniscient observers without ever actually watching a game. This is nonsense. Advanced metrics provide a companion to game observation and are not a replacement.

Science can not be used to explain art. No abstract mathematical equation can summarize the artistic prowess of Degas. Why would one expect the same of athletics?

GM-Carson said...

WAR is very misleading when debating MVP, because a 1st baseman's WAR will be lower because of his position than an offensive standout at SS or catcher.

Ryan Howard is good. His fielding is much improved in my opinion. Still can't throw, and never will be able to, but whatever. He makes almost all the scoops at 1st and that's the most important thing. I wish he'd take a walk more and hit for a higher average, but that's just not his game. His game is RBI and homeruns, and dammit he's good at that.

Mike G said...

After a lot of reading on Howard theories (saberist versus traditional stats), I think he falls in somewhere in between. I also think most of the RBI versus WAR argument is due to the shift.

Think about it, when there are runner's on, especially in scoring position, teams tend not to employ the shift, or at least not nearly as much. His numbers (slash lines) are significantly better across the board. I think that (at least partially) explains why he is such a beastly RBI guy. If he had no shift on him, I think we would see the MVP caliber Howard again.

Really wish he would learn to bunt down the third baseline (in certain situations... leading off, bases empty, etc) to keep teams honest and potentially stop or diminish the shift.

Aaron said...

It ain't "dead arm". I'm telling you Hamels is hurt.

GM-Carson said...

Hamels better not be hurt.

Bob D said...

Mike G I've said the same thing, Howard needs to put the ball down the 3rd base line on the ground even if he has to bunt

Anonymous said...

I'm all for Howard dropping one down the line to 3rd, even if over the course of the year it costs him a legit home run swing several times. The call should come from the dugout and be based on game situations. If he were to become proficient at it a few strike outs would be missed also. It may even cause the pitcher to throw him more fastballs if he is dropping an outside curve down the line.