Sunday, August 07, 2011

Should Cole Throw A Curveball?


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GM-Carson said...

So TBS a few years back called Carlos Ruiz "Cooch", and now Fox suggested that Hamels take a dump right out there on the mound. Shame they were playing the Indians, then it could have been a Cleveland Steamer.

GM-Carson said...

Lot going against the Phils today:
1. A 4-game sweep of the Giants in San Fran is very hard.

2. Lincecum is on the mound for SF.

3. Oswalt's 1st start back off the DL.

4. A win today would be 10 straight for the Phils, law of averages have to catch up sometime right?

Nah, win all the way baby!!!

Andrew said...

Win or no win today, we got what we wanted this road trip... complete dominance and a 9+ game lead in the division. Couldn't be much sweeter.

Chick59 said...

Don't be so negative about the Phil's chances of a sweep. What I love about baseball is that anything can happen.

GM-Carson said...

Chick 59- did you not read the last part of my comment "Nah, win all the way baby!!!"?

Randy said... via says Poly's hip is going bad and he could go back on the's been a problem for like a month. How does a guy be on the DL for one injury and not take care of another one at the same time? Am I missing something?

Corey said...

yeah. he's old.

Preserve Jon said...

Pothead Timmy's going from the stretch today.

Just something different.

He really has the number of both Utley and Howard. Good to see Chase drop in a single in his second at bat.

Preserve Jon said...


I think there's a good bet that he comes up big at the plate too. I have a feeling.

ripjgarcia said...

San Francisco's announcers:

"Well Utley threw the bat and tried to hit the pitcher"

GM-Carson said...

Howard still can't hit Giants pitching. They're good pitcher and know just how to pitch him.