Monday, August 08, 2011

Series Preview - Dodgers

Philadelphia Phillies (74-40) at Los Angeles Chapter 11's (52-61)

Season Series:
Phillies 2-1 Dodgers

Pitching Matchups:
Monday, 10:10 - Roy Halladay v. Hiroki Kuroda
Tuesday, 10:10 - Cliff Lee v. Ted Lilly
Wednesday, 3:10 - Vance Worley v. Chad Billingsley

Eluders Batting:
Runs - 415 (28th)
AVG - .252 (15th)
OBP - .315 (19th)
SLG - .362 (25h)

Eluders Pitching:
ERA - 3.81 (14th)
WHIP - 1.29 (13th)
BAA - .247 (8th)

Their Michael Martinez:
Juan Uribe has never been much of an "average" hitter but he had enough power to make him a viable offensive option for the infield. But his .204 average and 4 home runs just doesn't cut it now.

Their Danys Baez:
Jonathan Broxton - A closer with a 5.68 ERA? Who is this guy, Jeff Brantley? Broxton has been hurt much of this season, so if you don't remember him, here's a refresher.

What We're Drinking:
Corey - Green tea. I'm trying to lay off the sugar containing beverages for a while and I'm drinking waaaaay too much Coke Zero. So, a few cups of freshly brewed green tea should help spice things up and the caffeine might help keep me up for the 10 o'clock starts.

Carson - Powerade Zero. I'm painting 3 rooms in 3 days and it's muggy as hell up in here, so I need to stay hydrated. Gatorade/Powerade is good for replenishing electrolytes, but the stuff is loaded with carbohydrates. Therefore I turn to Powerade Zero, with ZERO calories, but more electrolytes than water and a better taste too. I like all the flavors, but grapes is my favorite.

Two of three for the good guys.


Ben said...

What!? No chad Billingsly jokes? must be a monday...

GM-Carson said...

Ben- when have you ever known us to crack jokes. We're the most serious straight-laced blog up in this thing called the Internet.

Gonzo Undead said...

ha! That's my Youtube clip.

Andrew said...

Great clip. Except you could have picked several others too. We own Broxton.

Ben said...

Thank God your not. If you twernt here I might be completely bored out of my f***ing mind debating about the Gonzo / David Murphy debate...snooze.

GM-Carson said...

YouTube is a beautiful thing. I could get lost in a day watching stuff on there.

Aaron said...

So Vic gets suspended for 3 games. The pitcher who beaned him just gets a fine, whiteside gets only a fine and polly gets fined for getting tackeled?????
How about Fat Panda.....he gets nothing for his sucker punch?????
This is some bullshit!

Preserve Jon said...

In case of emergency, use Stairs.

Preserve Jon said...

Just saw Scott Barry The Jerk is on the umpiring crew. Should be doing home plate tomorrow night if I understand the rotation properly.


Aaron said...

Halladay has not been himself lately... i think the phils should skip a start for him and give him a little extra time off.

SirAlden said...

So nice to see Lidge back in action - nice 1, 2, 3 - boring innings....

Andrew said...

You know like they've always said, "As Pence goes, so do the Phillies"

GM-Carson said...

I understand Vic getting suspended because he pushed the ump and re-entered the pile. However, Whiteside and Ramirez getting no games is bullshit. When you throw at a player on purpose, I thought it was automatic suspension, plus Ramirez threw down his glove and charged Victorino.

Bob D said...

At least we beat thier butts on the field. I now hope even more that Giants get knocked out of race