Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Quick Hits

The "Brawl"
Busy day at the respective offices for Carson and I so there's not much time for the ol' blog, but I wanted to make my view clear on the San Fran/Victorino "brawl." Give me a second while I channel my inner Al Gore. Okay, here I go:

No suspension for Ramirez? Bulls--t! No suspension for Whiteside? Bulls--t! A fine for Polanco? Bulls--t!

I understand why Victorino got suspended. He took off into the pile and tackled somebody. Probably should have just allowed himself to be restrained. But for Polanco to get the same "penalty" as Ramirez/Whiteside is odd. And for the instigators to get off without a suspension is even odder. The whole decision is laughable.

The only thing more laughable than Joe Garagiola Jr.'s decision on this case is the description of Eli Whiteside's dance routine by philly.com write Frank Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick wrote that Whiteside was "bouncing on his toes like a very bad middleweight or a Castro District hoofer." Castro District hoofer!? Classic.

So Placido has a "sports hernia." Great. And by "great", I mean "aw crap."

The talk is surgery vs. non-surgery. Disabled list or steroid and pain injections. Ruben Amaro even said, "Frankly, a lot of guys have sports hernias. It's a matter of... discomfort." He also said they weren't looking for third baseman in any trades.

It's all smoke. Most of these injuries need surgery. Guys can play through it, sure, but find me one guy who's played through the pain and been anywhere close to their expected level of production. How'd Donovan McNabb look when he played with his? [If you are a football fan, you know how this injury affected Kaka, Frank Lampard, Fernando Torres, etc.]

The way I see it, the Phils have two options 1) get Polanco the surgery and trade for another third baseman now (Casey Blake, Ty Wiggy, etc.) and hope Polly can get back for the playoffs or 2) go with the rest/rehab/steroid, pain injections and trade for a third baseman in August if he's not getting better. Either way, we won't see a 100% Polly until 2012.


ripjgarcia said...

We won't see Polanco 100% healthy ever I believe.. It is what it is.

Ben said...

Joe Torre's revenge for 08 and 09 is how I see this Victorino thing. eff.

Aaron said...

Yeah so I just rolled up to the dodger stadium exactly 2 hours and 2 minutes before game time and the parking attendant tells me they aren't open yet and I need turn around and come back in 2 minutes......really?... Really?
Los Angeles is the biggest piece of shit town in the world every thing about it sucks.
Go Phils!!!!!!!

Aaron said...

So now I got in the stadium but can't go to my seat because they have the isle roped off. So there ate just a bunch of people standing around f the fing town!!

Corey said...

"turn around and come back in 2 minutes" - is that possible in LA? turning around and coming back probably takes at least 45 minutes.

not everything in LA sucks. the tacos are good. i was only there once but the"cabeza" tacos at La Taquiza are freaking delicious. The lengua tacos aren't bad either, there.

C.M.R. said...

well i guess aaron just solved the mystery as to why no one shows up in the dodger stadium stands until the third inning.

Preserve Jon said...

Secret to Phils success?


Love this.

Bob D said...

And nothing for Pablo's punch? Who made this decision? Scott Barry our favorite ump?????