Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Pulling Rank (NL/MLB)

With two months remaining in the MLB regular season, the Phillies offense has begun to take things up a notch, while their pitching and defense remain top-notch. Here's some of the Phightins NL/MLB rankings.

69-39, best in all of baseball.


R - 471 (7th/13th)
AVG - .251 (9th/16th)
OBP - .323 (5th/10th)
SLG - .394 (8th/16th)
OPS - .718 (7th/14th)
DBL - 182 (8th/17th)
TRPL - 25 (3rd/3rd)
HR - 99 (7th/15th)
SB - 75 (8th/15th tied)
BB - 364 (5th/7th)
K - 671 (15th/25th)

ERA - 3.13 (1st/1st)
WHIP - 1.16 (1st/1st)
BAA - .238 (3rd/3rd)
CG - 12 (1st/1st)
SHO - 13 (1st/2nd)
QS - 71 (1st/1st)
BB - 269 (30th/30th)
K - 836 (4th/4th)
SV% - 91% (1st/1st)
OPS - .652 (2nd/2nd)

E - 50 (1st/2nd)
FPCT - .988 (1st/2nd)
CS% - 27% (9th/17th)


GM-Carson said...

Pirates getting beat up tonight. They're coming back to earth. I've stated all along that they won't finish above .500 and I'm sticking to that. It's a shame, because they were a fun story, but it's nearing its end.

Elsewhere, the Nationals are throttling the Braves 8-3.

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies have won Brian Schneider's last 10 starts, not including tonight's possible victory.

Preserve Jon said...

Time to drop Coreia from my fantasy team.

In the ultmate, what have you done for me lately, Howard heats up (he traditionally has not hit well at Coors) while Ibanez kills rallies.

Let's celebrate what we have in KK. He's an excellent utility pitcher on this squad and deserves to get any additional spot starts that fall out in the remaining schedule.

As it happens, looking ahead if the Phils keep up this rate of play, they could clinch in mid-September. He could get three or more starts.

GM-Carson said...

Does Manuel let KK try and go for the shutout? I doubt it, but what the hell, let him go out Bon Jovi styel...in a blaze of glory.

GM-Carson said...

70 wins. 8 game lead over Braves. This team is awesome. I know I bitch about things, but bottom line is they are the best Phillies team I've witnessed in my lifetime.

ACSmitty79 said...

Nobody has benefited from the "4 Aces" more than Kyle Kendrick. Makes me wonder what might have been had Blanton not gotten hurt (helluva trade chip he would have been).