Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dominate: Phillies and My Phantasy Team

We're witnessing a historical Philadelphia Phillies team, one that might go down as not only the best Phillies team of all-time, but one of the best teams in the history of the game. Every month they've turned in a winning record and hardly ever reach even a 2 game losing streak thanks to their stellar starting rotation. Tuning up for the playoffs is still ahead in September, but a 100 win season is extremely likely (on pace for 105). Regular season wins are essential to get to the postseason, but mean nothing once the October schedule sets in. This team is World Series champs or bust.

In fact, their "win or shut up" mentality reminds me a lot of my fantasy baseball team.

The WSBGMs Phantasy League is in its 5th season. This year it was a head-to-head format with 16 teams. This week the 1st round of playoffs began, with my team (Sucky My Bocock) getting the bye because of my dominating performance through the first 21 weeks of the regular season. I did not lose a head-to-head match-up all season long. The closest team in the standings is a distant 31 games back. However, the slate is wiped clean now that playoffs have begun, and my team's stronghold means nothing without a trophy come postseason's end. Details below...

Suck My Bocock's record: 167-73-12 (.687 winning %)

R - 717/1st
HR - 214/1st
RBI - 746/1st
SB - 121/3rd
AVG - .286/1st
OPS - .840/1st

W - 90/3rd
SV - 101/2nd
K - 1262/1st
HLD - 78/2nd
ERA - 3.84/10th
WHIP - 1.26/9th


Anonymous said...

Really? A blog about your fantasy baseball team. Really?

Corey said...

hey, i won 157 games last year then lost in the first round. anything can happen...

you should also give a shout out to your home boy that gave you jose reyes and hunter pence for basically nothing. that didn't hurt your chances too much.

GM-Carson said...

Too bad I passed up on a Jose Reyes and Allen Craig deal for Dustin Pedroia and Troy Tulowitzki.

Oh, Anonymous- My blog, I felt like bragging. Big deal.

Corey said...

ouch. that's a tough deal to turn down.

and in phillies new... nothing. is it october yet?

Aaron said...

How many more innings is it going to take for the Phillies to realize Bronson Arroyo isn't going to to throw them a fastball?? .........oh wait ....Howard just went yard....so i guess the answer is 4.

GM-Carson said...

Halladay looking good tonight. Get back on track for that Cy Young award.

Nationals pounding Braves so far too. Nice.

SirAlden said...

Tonight (During August) Ryan Howard drove in his Phillies Record Breaking 6th Consecutive 100 RBI Season.

No one has ever done this in all Phillies History.

Thanks for the Golden Age Ryan. You have earned your entire Contract as of today.

Fuhs said...

Phucco Alert!

Phils acquire John Bowker frOm the Pirates

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- I love Howard's RBI, but to say he's earned that 5 yr/$125M extension is ludicrous (and I don't mean that rapper/actor).