Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Night Musings

"To those people that say Philadelphia is a tough place to play and didn't want to play here...I say they didn't have the guts to succeed here."
~John Kruk from his Phillies Wall-of-Fame speech

Did You Know?
Antonio Bastardo has only allowed 18 hits this season in 44.2 IP, making for a .122 batting average against. Wow!

Lets Make Up:
Yesterday's rain out has been rescheduled for September 20th at 1:05, which will be the opening bill of a day/night doubleheader.

The Harry Kalas statue will now be unveiled before Tuesday's game against Arizona, at 6:40 PM.

Tuesday- Halladay, Wednesday- Lee, Thursday- Worley, Friday- Hamels, Saturday- Oswalt. Everyone gets an extra day rest, with Halladay and Lee actually getting 3 because of Thursday's off day, yesterday's rain out, and then today's off day.

Bush League:
The Phils are on a roll lately with minor league signings of has-beens. First there was Aaron Heilman a couple weeks ago, then there was Jack Cust, and now David Bush. Bush will probably make some starts for the Iron Pigs over the next month, but never pitch from Citizens Bank Park's mound unless it's with a jersey other than the Phils. But then again, Baez Sucked appeared in 29 games with them this year.

Dom Watch:
Domonic Brown is in Triple-A learning a new position (leftfield) and is also in the midst of a slump. He's currently hitless in his last 14 at bats, which has dropped his batting average to .271. Doubtful this was part of Charlie and Rube's maturation plan for the youngster. The kid's got skills, but employing them consistently and successfully his his biggest challenge.

Pitcher turned batter turned pitcher again Joe Savery now has a 1.78 ERA in 25.1 minor league innings this year after begining the season as a 1B/DH. What's more impressive is that he's developed control and has been striking guys out at a much higher rate then previously in his career (5 BB:32 K). The former 1st round pick is a lefty, so seeing him in the Majors someday is not too much of a stretch.

Pence Deal Completed:
19 year old lanky outfielder Domingo Santana was sent to the Astros to complete the Hunter Pence trade. Santana's biggest upside is his young age and power potential. He was the Phils #9 rated prospect heading into the season according to Baseball America. In 3 minor league seasons, Santana has compiled a .247 AVG, .746 OPS, 117 R, 54 DBL, 21 HR, 96 RBI, 16 SB, and 93 BB:313 K.

Greene Gets Greenbacks:
The Phillies top pick, #33 overall, Larry Greene was signed before the deadline today. He will receive a $1M bonus, which is over slot. Greene is a power hitting outfielder that Philadelphia selected with the compensation sandwich pick they got from the the Nationals, due to their signing of Jayson Werth.

Juan Carlos Sighting:
JC Romero began his 2011 campaign with the Phillies, who released him. From Philadelphia he signed a minor league deal with the Nationals, who released him. From Washington he signed a minor league deal with the Yankees, who released him. From New York he signed with the Rockies and is available in Colorado's bullpen for tonight's game. It pays to be a lefty.


Preserve Jon said...

No. 600 for Thome!

Prepare for the imminent waiver wire acquisition.

ripjgarcia said...

Hamel's MRI.. Thank god for Dave Bush we still have KK.

ripjgarcia said...

Another possible addition to your did you know sorta post.

Did you know Roy Halladay is tied for 1st in sacrifices?

Aaron said...

They signed bush cause Hamels is hurt. I told ya the guys hurt. Shock and awe his "dead arm" is now an MRI.

GM-Carson said...

If Hamels is really hurt, that really hurts.

Congrats to Thome. He genuinely seems like a good guy through-and-through.

Preserve Jon said...

He's a pitcher, therefore they will find something abnormal in his MRI. Odds are it's always been that way, but there will be concern.

I'd like to speak to a Dr. and see what a pitcher's "normal" MRI looks like versus an MRI from a regular, healthy man. I bet the pitchers' shoulders droop from all the abuse and there are "loose bodies" galore.

ripjgarcia said...

It would be interesting to see how many pitchers have surgeries after their career is over for that matter.