Friday, August 05, 2011

HoLee MoLee!

HoLee MoLee!
Cliff Lee hurled his 5th shutout of the season last night. When he's good, he's fantastic. When he's bad, he's disappointing. Bottom line, he's a MLB top 20 starting pitcher. Love our aces!

Quest to #600:
Minnesota Twins DH Jim Thome blasted his 598th career homerun yesterday, putting him 2 shy of 600, a number reached by only 7 players in the history of the game. He is a Hall-of-Famer in my opinion with an OPS of .961 and 1654 RBI. As some have suggested, he would make an excellent addition to the Phillies bench as the main left-handed pinch hitter, taking the place of Gload. Maybe Jimbo will hit his 600th in the next couple weeks then get traded before the end of August. This way he could win that elusive World Series title he's been seeking in his 21 seasons (lost WS as a member of the Indians in '95 and '97).

Stairs & Baez to Houston?
Danys Baez and Matt Stairs were both released this past week and I am wondering how long it will be before Ed Wade signs them to the Astros. Stairs says he's retired, but so is Brett Favre...


The Pirates have not won a game since the Phillies swept them this past weekend. The Buccos went from playoff hopefuls, to a below .500 team in the span of a week. It was fun while it lasted.


ACSmitty79 said...

I swear i missed like 500 of Thome's 598 HRs.

GM-Carson said...

Charlie doing some good managing past 2 games.

Sat Ibanez and Utley yesterday against tough lefty, and today he sits Howard.

Those guys need a break every so often, and since Mayberry is playing well, it makes the decision against LHP easier.

ripjgarcia said...

Well I'm back from PNC. Place was SRO, but I got a single ticket in the lower level first base line. Like the stadium. Kinda felt like a minor league experience/independent league experience though.

Traffic is disgusting. I thought I'd go late and it appears 1/2 the crowd doesn't show til the 2nd inning. I don't know who designed these roads.

Wish I coulda stayed longer but they score 20 runs combined on 30 hits so its was a bit long. I'm old now. I tire easily.

GM-Carson said...

Mayberry with another homerun. Nice knowing ya Francisco, but you're getting optioned when Oswalt is activated.

GM-Carson said...

The Giants are a bunch of sore losing bitches. Throwing at Victorino is fucking bullshit. What pisses me off the most is that Phils players will get suspended for this.