Saturday, August 06, 2011

Giants Are Sore Losers

Phillies are the class of Major League Baseball, while the Giants have become sore losers...

Giants relief pitcher Ramon Ramirez...

Giants bunny-hopping catcher Eli Whiteside...

*Phils are 7-0 since acquiring Hunter Pence. Giants are 1-8 since acquiring Carlos Beltran.

*Vance Worley is good.

*John Mayberry likes his hits to be of the extra base variety. 31 of his 59 career hits have been doubles or homeruns (53%).

*Ryan Madson might be back from paternity leave today, sending Scott Mathieson back to Lehigh Valley.

*Beltran complained following the game about J-Roll swiping 2nd base up 6 runs in the 6th. I hate these "unwritten rules". There is no mercy rule in Major League Baseball. Kill the opponent, deprive them of all hope.

*Rooting extra hard for a win today and then again tomorrow, because a 4-game sweep of the reigning World Series champs would further confirm the East Coast dominance in this sport.


Preserve Jon said...

I smell a sweep!

Corey said...

complaining about stealing second up 6 in the top of the sixth? ridiculous. maybe beltran should focus less on that sort of stupid shit and learn how to throw the ball home from right field in a more timely and accurate fashion. bitch.

Ben said...

This picture of Greyside has made me laugh about 50 times today. What a night. My wife woke up "on-cue" the second they started brawling, hilarious.

GM-Carson said...

Carlos Beltran is just mad that the Phils beat his team no matter where he goes.

GM-Carson said...

A comment on
"I could just never agree with the idea that stealing a base in a blowout is showing the other team up. If they don't care to defend, then take the base.
If the opposing manager wants to tell me that his team has given up, then okay. I expect his batters to take every pitch, and then we'll do the same. Otherwise, we continue to play all out.
If Beltran thinks a team up 6 should stop trying 100% when their opponent still has 4 innings left to bat, then I'm glad he's a Giant and not a Phillie."

Aaron said...

Beltrans comment says all you need to know about the kind of player he is. That's why the Mets were choke artists. That's why the Phils went after Pence and not him. F the Giants I want them embarrassed and in 2nd place by days end!

GM-Carson said...

Poor showing by the offense today, but Hamels pitched a gem and made 2 runs enough. Phils are rolling!!!!!!!!!

ripjgarcia said...

What's really awesome is we are now 9.5 ahead of the Braves. Even if we lose a few here or there, there is no way this pitching staff allows this team to slip for more than a game or 2

GM-Carson said...

RIPGarcia- the Phillies aren't allowed to lose.

Anonymous said...

Giants are sore losers?! You guys are a bunch of idiots! The Phillies are & the idiot fans are the sorw losers! You got all the Phillies whinning about losing to the Giants last year on the post season! Then you guys will say the Giants are sore losers?! WOW!!! that's all I can say! Shane Victorino talk shit too much about losing to the Giants last year! And the Giants are sorw losers?! HAHAHA! you idiots make me laugh so hard! IDIOTS!! & keep the racist remarks to yourself ok!!! bhahahahaha

MyNutsInYourMomsMouth said...

Grow up idiots! Act your age! Giants are sore losers? Why don't you look at Shane Victorino & his stupid mouth after losing to Giants last year before you SOB say something! then you tell me who's the sore losers! Tell that racist broadcaster that he doesn't own this country as well! White people stole it!

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