Friday, August 19, 2011

80 Wins is Better Than...

Born in 1979 I've witnessed the highs and lows of the Philadelphia Phillies. For you bandwagon Phans (welcome aboard!), you have no idea just how shitty times were in the 90's. It amazes me that I'm still a Phils fan, seeing as those were my formative years. Thank goodness I didn't jump ship across the state to Pittsburgh...because that ship done did sink. Anyway, the Phightins have 80 wins already this season and we're only in the middle of August. For half of my life, that total was not eclipsed by my favorite team. Take a look below...

Year - Wins:
1981 - 59*
1985 - 75
1987 - 80
1988 - 65
1989 - 67
1990 - 77
1991 - 78
1992 - 70
1994 - 54*
1995 - 69*
1996 - 67
1997 - 68
1998 - 75
1999 - 77
2000 - 65
2002 - 80

* = Strike Shortened Season


GM-Carson said...

What the hell just happened? T-Mac is getting giddy about a Nationals walkoff grand slam...asshole!

Ryan Madson was horrible tonight. Not just with his performance, but his composure too. His "deer lost in headlights" look returned to his face. Uh-oh!

Aaron said...

This is why charlie is an fing tard!! He pitches Madson in the blow out game to "get him some work". Then of course now he's pitching for the 3rd straight night instead of the 2nd. Blows the save and now he can't pitch tommorow or maybe even the next day as well. Way to think it through charlie!!

GM-Carson said...

Aaron- right on brotha! I hate the mindset of "well, we warmed him up, might as well bring him in the game despite the situation." Charlie is doing some shitty managing lately, that's for sure.