Thursday, July 21, 2011

Won't the Real Michael Martinez Please Stand Up

From waste of space highly criticized 25th man on the roster to hero, that's Michael Martinez. Game winning hits, swiping bags, solid fielding, infectious energy; that's M&M. His average is up to .236 and his OPS is on the brink of .600 (.599). That's still not good, but his last 10 games have been (12 for 38, .316 AVG, .804 OPS, 8 R, 11 RBI, and 3 SB). With Placido Polanco ailing with a bad back, Martinez might just be the go-to guy at 3rd considering the other alternatives (Pete Orr and Wilson Valdez). Might as well play the hot bat.

Good Pitching Ahead:
The Phillies begin a 10-game homestand on Friday against some of the best pitching staffs in the National League. 4 against San Diego, 3 with San Francisco, then wrapping things up with Pittsburgh for 3.

Opponents NL ERA/Rank:
Giants - 3.12 (1st)
Padres - 3.19 (3rd)
Pirates - 3.34 (5th)

Other Stuff:
*Vance Worley is awesome. 6 straight starts of allowing 1 run or less while going 5 innings or more. Impressive for anyone, especially for a rookie on the best team in baseball.

*Brad Lidge will likely be activated Friday. Good? Bad? Guess we'll see.

*The Phils have won 8 straight series. That's getting the job done.


Corey said...

1) michael martinez still sucks.

2) SD and SF can't hit for shit so the phils should still win every series.

3) j-roll hit homers from both sides yesterday for the second time. the other two phils to do that - steve jeltz and tomas perez.

4) have the phillies traded for hunter pence yet?

Bob D said...

When Lidge returns, does Baez get cut yet? or do we have to wait for Oswalt to send Kendrick to the pen? If that happens then yes Lidge returning is a good thing.

GM-Carson said...

Carpenter or Perez likely get shipped out upon Lidge's return.

Corey- agreed, Martinez still sucks.

SirAlden said...

M&M is the Best fielding infielder the Phillies have put on the field since Scott Rolen.

Swiped 2 bases yesterday each creating a run. Always easily scores from 2B on a Single, 1B on a Double.

Yesterday was playing in 15 feet in front of 3B with left handed batter at the plate.

Just tell me who is/was a better bench infielder since 2000, and he can play CF as well as the Flyin' Hawaiian. Tomas Perez?

Fielding Wins Games. What most people do not get is a Run saved is exactly the same as hitting a solo homerun.

And Mila Loves Him.

GM-Carson said...

There's a far greater chance of winning the game with your bat than with your glove over the course of a game. If you start you usually get 4-5 at bats, each presenting an opportunity to create runs. In the field you only get a few plays a game and most of them routine. Making a spectacular play (the opportunity for one) is rare. Give me the better hitter please.

GM-Carson said...

Package built around Worley for Pence. This is what Buster Olney is reporting. Do you do it? I don't. Pence would be a wonderful addition, but Worley looks like someone who can stay in this rotation for a long time.

ripjgarcia said...

I just read that myself Carson. Personally, I'm not getting rid of Worley. On a Phillies team that gets older by the day, keeping a young pitcher that shows promise seems important to me. The options are limited though. We have really shred our farm system over the past couple years getting big named pitchers.

Bob D said...

I don't like the include Worley in a trade. Especially with Blanton and Oswalt both out. I say Worley and Brown should both be untouchables. However I do feel Worley would be hard pressed to duplicate his performance and his value may be the highest it ever will get, but at the same time I would like to keep him.

I agree Carpenter goes first and then maybe Herndon. But Perez other than 1 bad outing has been lights out and should get more looks before being sent back.

Rando said...

Worley is untouchable, methinks. He's the no 3 starter or at worst a most welcome No 5. Who wants to bet that Oswalt won't break down again in like September? Not me. If worley goes, and Oswalt withers, we have krispy kreme Kendrick and perhaps Blanton with the three big boys. What would u rather have? Right, Worley. build a package around a couple of other young bucks. Keep Worley as down payment on the future rotation, and others will also emerge in the next 2 to 3 years to begin to fill behind Halliday and lee eventually.

Maybe MM has some trade value all of a sudden?!?!?!

Corey said...

i can't see trading worley with all of the minor league arms available. colvin, may, biddle, defratus, etc. and what about the crap we got for cliff lee. get rid of those guys. should all do before worley, who can be a 4th starter for the next five seasons for not much money.

in a perfect, make-belive world, i say aumont, gilles, ramirez and player to be named later to the astros for pence...

ACSmitty79 said...

I'd do Pence for Domonic Brown. We need Worley next year.

ACSmitty79 said...

Corey, thats too much, even if i'm not crazy about any of those guys.

Aaron said...

Phillies sign Aaron Heilman.........uummm

GM-Carson said...

Aaron Heilman might be the worst pitcher on the planet Earth.

Jack said...

sir alden...let's see how M&M does against GOOD pitching...phils get guys like this all the time who can clean up against the bottom third of the majors but as soon as they face a good staff they are never heard from again.

I agree with you Carson and besides, aren't middle infielders suppose to be great fielders? I also don't like it when people get all gooey over power hitting RF, LF, 3B or 1B--i mean if you can't hit for power at corners you shouldn't be in the majors. Same goes for good fielding up the middle--if you can't field very well at C, CF, 2b or SS you won't be playing in those spots very long in MLB.

No to Brown--OF are much less of a crap shoot than pitchers and I think Brown will be an excellent hitting OF with power and speed.

Tenative Yes to Worely--if JA Happ and Kyle Drabek were setting the league on fire I'd say Worely is untouchable. However it seems Phils development of pitching is much more of a crap shoot than position players so I'm willing to trade them.

I also think deeper in the minors the Phils have the so-called "Baby Aces" who can fill in for the Worely not to mention we have Matheson and Carpenter who can step up for Worely. We have no other real OF developed to take Brown's spot.

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