Monday, July 25, 2011

We're Going Streaking!

The Phils have been on a helluva streak since a dismal showing in Seattle back in mid-June. Today they hand the ball to Cliff Lee in hopes of collecting their first sweep since they took 4 straight against the Marlins from June 14-16 (double header sandwiched in there).

*Wins - 5 by Phillies
*Hitting - 7 by Michael Martinez
*Series Won - 9 by Phillies
*Reach Base Safely - 26 by Chase Utley

Go Buccos, Go!!!
The Pirates are in a 3-way tie for 1st place with the Cardinals and Brewers. They're even the featured game on ESPN tonight. Good for them. They play a crucial 4-game series against the Braves starting today, before coming to Philly for the weekend. Let's hope they get they're wins for the week out of the way in Atlanta and backslide a bit against the Phils.

No More K?
Remember not so long ago when the Phillies as a team struck out a buttload? Well, in 2011 that is not the case. Aside from Ryan Howard and Raul Ibanez, the team makes pretty consistent contact. They've struck out 627 times this year, which is the 2nd lowest total in the NL (6.3 K per game). Now if they could only turn more of that contact into grounders in the hole instead of weak popups, but let's not get choosy.


Aaron said...

Can't be too pissed about today. The Phils have been playing great.
Really good to see Lidge have a nice neat 1-2-3 inning.

Kinda pissed that the Giants are gonna miss Halliday and Lee.

Starting to wonder if Rube is gonna do anything at all at the deadline?

SirAlden said...

North Philly Beer who knew?

GM-Carson said...

I'm not mad the Phils lost today, but I upset Lee pitched like poop again. He's had a good season overall, but he's definitely had his fair share of crap outings.

Bob D said...

This team has the pitching, it needs a really good bat as long as it doesn't cost Brown or Worley.