Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Topless @ Cubs Game

It's 90+ degrees in 48 out of the 50 states in America today (47 out of 49 if you don't count North Dakota as a state). In Chicago, Illinois where the Phillies are currently playing the Cubs the heat index is over 100. That's hot! Scorching freakin' hot! Naturally fans in the stands are going topless. Observe below...

The temperature isn't the only thing that's hot, as the Phils are up on the Cubbies 7 to nothing and the Vanimal is mowing 'em down through 4.5 innings. The Cubs have 2 more errors than hits, and they have 2 errors, so do the math on the hits.

*Thanks to @_d_m_c for the screen grab.


GM-Carson said...

Dang, there went the no hitter.

Rando said...

It's only the 6th inning as I write this, but damn I am so happy with Worley. No- no going baby!

And WTF with mini mart!?

Rando said...

1 minute later: crap. Figures. Still, go Vance!

GM-Carson said...

J-Roll goes deep and high-fives a bunch of Phils fans near the dugout. That's cocky. Ha.

ripjgarcia said...

One might think in on a 97 degree day with an 8 run lead they might pull Worley after 7 strong innings. I will never understand this teams pitching management.

GM-Carson said...

Manuel is doing some rookie hazing.

Anonymous said...

Phils talking Melky Cabrera. This might piss off all the hunter pence fans but I really like this move.
He's cheap leaving room to get a bullpen arm. If you transplant his stats to the phils he would be 2nd in average, 2nd in hrs, 2nd in rbi's 2nd in stolen bases and 1st in doubles.

SirAlden said...

M&M Fakes a Bunt then Pulls the Old Pop it up right into the Sun to force and Error and End up Standing on 1st Base.

"The old fake a bunt then pop it up right into the Sun Trick - is there Nothing that Michael Martinez cannot do?" ~Scott Franke

"Martinez easily steals 2nd Base, Charlie Manuel say 'He is a High Energy guy whose energy rubs off on the entire lineup. His RBI total is
one less that Domonic Brown, in 60 less at bats..." ~Larry Anderson

M&M scores the First Run of the game from 2nd Base on Ryan Howard's light squibler through the shortstop hole.

Fake Bunt then Trick Pop-up directly into the Sun, Steals second base, scores all the way from 2nd base on Howard's weak grounder to the left side. Blow's kiss to Mila Kunis, and it is only the top of the first.

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