Friday, July 29, 2011

Series Preview - Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates (54-49) @ Philadelphia Phillies (65-39)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Friday, 7:05, Charlie Morton vs. Roy Halladay
Saturday, 7:05, James McDonald vs. Cliff Lee
Sunday, 1:35, Jeff Karstens vs. Vance Worley

Swashbucklers Bats:
RUN - 394 (26th)
AVG - .244 (24th)
OBP - .311 (23rd)
SLG - .358 (27th)

This team doesn't blow out the competition, they merely eek out victories. Pedro Alvarez is finally back with the team, so he might go yard a couple times this weekend.

Swashbucklers Arms:
ERA - 3.32 (6th)
WHIP - 1.32 (19th)
BAA - .258 (21st)

Pitching staff is the strength of this team as evident by their great ERA. However, based on their WHIP and batting average against, it's surprising they don't surrender more runs.

Their Michael Martinez:
If you're a second baseman and have the first name Chase, then chances are you're amazing. Not in the case of Chase D'Arnaud. The rookie is batting .225 and has an OPS of .539. He's only 24 though, as compared to Martinez being 28, so Chase has a bit more upside. Unluckily for the Phils, he was placed on the DL just the other day.

Their Danys Baez:
They don't have one. The Pirates are smart enough to option shit pitchers back to the minors or release them before they do too much damage.

This weekend will be a low scoring affair. Last series Debbie Downer made a correct prediction and today her cousin Negative Nancy rears her ugly head and predicts 2 outta 3 for the Buccos.


GM-Carson said...

My thoughts on a possible Hunter Pence for Jonathan Singleton, Jarred Cosart, and another second-tier pitching prospect trade rumor is- DO IT!

Pence is a proven commodity and is under team control through 2013.

Singleton is young with lots of upside, but dude is in A ball and may never pan out.

Cosart has great stuff, but it hasn't necessarily translated into great success in the low minors yet either. We have minor league starting pitching depth, so trading him isn't going to kill the team.

Pence is 28 and just entering his prime. He's a career .290 hitter with an .818 OPS. He's in his 5th MLB season and has been pretty consistent. Added bonus, he's got a bit of speed and a decent outfield arm.

SirAlden said...

Pence is Solid and will get Domomnic Brown out of RF and into LF next year where he belongs.

I do not do the deal if Brown is included.

Bob D said...

Brown and Worley need to be kept to make the strongest team this year. If they have to give up a few prospects then so be it. Cosart could be awesome in 2 years in majors, but the added bat is needed for the playoffs more than the season. This team should coast into clinching a playoff birth. They need the right handed bat to balance out some lefty pitching on other teams. Sorry but Francisco just doesn't do it anymore- Mayberry has been pretty good but Manuel was to improve there.

ripjgarcia said...

I could do without Brown. He's like Darryl Strawberry without cocaine and home runs and batting average. He's lanky, strong, and loafs.

BTW, Carson. The Astros allegedly turned down that offer Wednesday of Thursday. More than likely right after Beltran was traded.

ACSmitty79 said...

read a rumor that Houston doens't even LIKE Dom Brown...

SirAlden said...

Report: Phils must include Brown to get Pence's Jon Heyman reports that "there's a sense out there" that if the Phillies include Domonic Brown instead of Jonathan Singleton in a package for Hunter Pence, a deal will get done.

Well, we should hope so. It was reported previously that the Astros might take a Singleton/Jarred Cosart offer from the Phils, but it appears they're seeking a Brown/Cosart combo instead.

Randy said...

Throw Brown into the pot and make a deal if that is what it takes. I am not so enamored with Brown.

GM-Carson said...

I'd like to keep Brown. I'm not sold on him being a future star, but I think he can be decent enough to want to keep around for the next 4-5 seasons (until he gets more expensive than he's worth via free agency or arbitration).

Bob D said...

Carson I agree with you there. Pence (or Quentin) is the type of bat this team needs to put that good balance on it. But I think keeping Brown would be the better move. Brown is rough around the edges on his play but he has great potential. If they want Brown then Rube has to offer a lesser pitching prospect than Cosart.

Bob D said...

Also I think a move will be made today

Preserve Jon said...

Perhaps they could add Mayberry and a Michael Schwimmer to the deal.

Asst.GM-RK said...

Gotta ask yourself, do you want Hunter Pence in a Phillies uni or a Bravos? I think this is the answer on Dominic Brown. I'm still looking for evidence this young player is a hotshot. Can you say Ricky Jordan?

GM-Carson said...

Reading stuff over at, it certainly appears Amaro is making a big push for Pence.

This means 1 of 2 things.

1. Amaro really wants Pence and will get him.

2. It's a diversion, the real target is somebody that hasn't even been discussed and he'll be in Phils pinstripes by Monday.