Friday, July 08, 2011

Series Preview - Braves (Part 4)

Atlanta Braves (53-36) @ Philadelphia Phillies (55-33)

Pitching Matchups:
Friday, 7:05 - Roy Halladay v. Brandon Beachy
Saturday, 4:10 - Cliff Lee v. Tommy Hanson
Sunday, 1:35 - Cole Hamels v. Derek Lowe

Season Series:
Phils 4, Braves 5.

Native Americans Batting:
Runs - 358 (17th)
AVG - .240 (26th)
OBP - .309 (24th)
SLG - .390 (16th)

The third baseman for the Braves is Chipper Jones. His real name is Larry.

Native Americans Pitching:
ERA - 3.02 (1st)
WHIP - 1.18 (3rd)
BAA - .229 (1st)

Atlanta pitchers are good. They throw the ball hard. Occasionally they throw it with slightly less velocity. They call that a "change-up."

Their Michael Martinez:
None, because the Braves don't keep garbage on their roster. Outfielder Matt Young was hitting .208 with a .498 OPS. Gone. Shortstop Diory Hernandez was hitting .212. Gone. Utility man Joe Mather was hitting .213. Gone.

Honorable Mention - Dan Uggla is hitting .183. He co-leads the team in homers (14) but his OPS is still only .612. And he's in the first year of a 5 year, $62 million contract.

What We're Drinking:
Corey - Bluecoat Gin and soda water. If you're a gin fan you have to try this Philadelphia made spirit. It's delicious. In the winter I prefer a very dry Bluecaot martini but in the summer a few ice cubs and a splash of club soda (don't ruin that beautiful gin flavor with tonic!) makes a potent, refreshing cocktail.

Carson - Yuengling Premium. I'm heading to the beach on Saturday for a week and the beer of choice while on the sand and in the sun comes in a can and is brewed by America's oldest brewery. By the way, it's a far superior beer to Yuengling's Lager. I'll also be hitting up Dogfish Head's brew pub next week for some delightfully different beers. Cheers!

Two of three for the good guys and a 3.5 game lead into the break.


Anonymous said...

Yea man Vitamin"Y" is the nectar of the Gods, AKA: The Big Daddy's

SirAlden said...

Only a 2.5 Game Lead Over the Braves?! Yikes!

B.J. Upton will be 27 next year. A good year to have a break out year.

14 Home Runs and 20 Stolen Bases to go with a robust .234 average going into the All-Star Break.

Average should go up in the NL.

Put him in Right - Moving Brown and his so-so defense in LF.

SirAlden said...

Would be a Rich Man's Stubbs.

GM-Carson said...

BJ thanks.

Does Rafael Belliard still play for the Braves?

GM-Carson said...

Victorino to the DL, Pete Orr up.

That's just awesome. Team is getting stronger by the day.







I'm dripping with sarcasm.

Bob D said...

When is our other All-Star Polanco going? grrrr

The Phils have made 2 callups this week and both are still better than Mini-Mart

GM-Carson said...

I'm glad Vic and Polly aren't playing in the All-Star game and now will get some much needed rest instead of a pointless exhibition game.

Rando said...

Dudes. If u ask me, Dogfish has sold out. Yes, some beers remain good--the 60 min IPA is still a winner--but too much goofy stuff is poured. Plus the vodka now? So much for focus. I remember when they brewed the stuff in the back of the pub, but now it's gone all corporate, too much hype, and the guy who started it all is all about selling himself and the brand now. 99 percent of the beer has not improved in years...only the price has gone up. Good news about Yeung Premo, though.

SirAlden said...

Betran or B.J. Upton

Who do you want? Ah! Yes!

The fastest man on our team Michael Martinez! Good Call GM Carson.

Who do you want for the Phillies?

BTW - Enjoy the Va Cay GM Carson!

Bob D said...

Rumors have it that Ruben declined a Beltran for MiniMart trade straight up. Can't let that kind of speed go for a power hitting, base stealing, slick fielding Outfielder

SirAlden said...

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Your 2013 Opening Day Shortstop.

Michael Martinez!
.260 BA - 80 Runs - 38 SBs

ripjgarcia said...

Opening day shortstop of the Osaka Tigers maybe.

SirAlden said...

"A Pinch Hit! Single! by Michael Martinez and the Winning Run is now 90 Feet away!"

Ben said...

Howard you stink!

GM-Carson said...

The pinch hit single, was only a single because of the retarded late inning no-doubles defense.

I'll give him credit though- hit 'em where they ain't.