Monday, July 11, 2011

Martinez Earns All Star Nod With Stellar Display

With multiple All Stars unable to play due to various injuries, National League manager Bruce Bochy has had to improvise. And like a fantasy manager filling out his bench with up and coming hopefuls, Bochy hopes he's hit the jackpot by selecting Phillies utility player Michael Martinez.

"He may not be a household name, yet, but we couldn't ignore his recent offensive performance," Bochy told reporters last night. "Some might argue that there are more deserving players, but none of them had four hits today."

Before yesterday, Martinez was hitting below .200 with a sub-.500 OPS. However, since Saturday Martinez is near the top of the NL in most offensive categories. He's the league leader in hits (4) and co-leader in runs (2). He raised his average almost 30 points since July 8th. He's still only hitting .229 but if this hot streak continues he should be hitting ~.350 in a few weeks.

"That young 28 year old can run," proclaimed Bochy, "But I might try to get [Home Rund Derby Captain] Prince Fielder to add him to the team. Sure, he's never hit a major league homerun but he does have a .800 slugging percentage over the last 24 hours."

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Fuqua's Milestone
Charles Fuqua Manuel won his 600th game in charge of the Fightins on Friday night. Here are the top 5 managers in terms of wins in Phillies history. Here's hoping Charlie catches Gene Mauch this season.

1 Gene Mauch 646-684
2 Harry Wright 636-566
3 Charlie Manuel 601-462
4 Danny Ozark 594-510
5 Jim Fregoai 431-463


GM-Carson said...

Sometimes I'm amazed Charlie was able to stick around this long. Congrats to him and the team during his tenure.

Screw Michael Martinez.

SirAlden said...

"Did you hear? Michael Martinez is Dating Mila Kunis? He is taking her to the All-Star Game's After Party. She loves her M&M's."

SirAlden said...

Now we know why GM-Carson has been so insanely jealous.

SirAlden said...

Check this M&M Gold Glove Fielding Highlight.

"Screw Michael Martinez" GM-Carson

"I think I will" Mila Kunis

GM-Carson said...

I'm more of a Eva Mendes man. Mila is so little.