Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lee Awesome, Offense Not

Cliff Lee's outing = awesome. Cliff Lee's homer = awesomer.

Ryan Howard's plate performance = shitty. Ryan Howard's dropped foul ball = shittier.

Seriously, why the hell do these guys wear their sunglasses upside-down on top of their hats when it's a day game with a high sun? And what's up with trying to make the stylish over-the-should catch, when he had time to hustle under the ball and get both hands up.

Yesterday's loss wasn't all Howard's fault, plenty others were at fault. It was a team loss aside from the awesomeness of Lee and the great relief work of Perez and Bastardo. The Phillies need more offense, really, truly, need more offense.

A win today makes everything seem better though because it ends the first "half" on a positive note against the Phils biggest competition.

Other Stuff:
Brad Lidge is obviously ready to be activated, because he blew a save yesterday for the Lakewood BlueClaws. Blowing saves is Lidge's forte.

Vance Worley tossed 6 scoreless inning for the Iron Pigs yesterday and picked up his 5th minor league win on the season. The kid is good.

Joe Savery might be the next Brooks Kieschnick (hitter/relief pitcher), because he's back to pitching again and doing well. He's currently DHing and in the bullpen for Reading. Batting: .292/.758, 24 R, 31 RBI, 18 XBH. Pitching: 1-0, 6 G, 10 IP, 0:12 BB: K, and only 1 R allowed. Don't forget he's a lefty.


Anonymous said...

Is Cliff Lee the first pitcher to get a Howard?

Bob D said...

Awesome Lee had a Howard, thats even awesomer since its a pitcher! Even though it was more of Howard's fault on the non-catch.

No Polanco again. Lidge to pitch for AA this week, Madson in high A, and Contreras going back to the DR.

SirAlden said...

MVP Michael Martinez is 3 for 3 with a Run Scored!

Martinez went 1st to 3rd and Larry Anderson was amazed with his speed. "He went 1st to 3rd on that ball that was a carbon copy to a ball hit when J-Roll was on 1st. J-Roll only made it to 2nd base."

I have a question for everyone, I came in late. How is the Run Scored by the Braves in the 2nd inning an Earned Run? Gameday says that Howard (who for the 2nd Day in a row was thinking about the Days off during the All-Star Break and all the Sex - with the Air Conditioning set on High - he will be having with his very sweet, and very beautiful Fiance / former Eagles Cheerleader.) did not Catch a Ball for an Error.

If the Phillies Win today for their 57th Win before the All-Star Break, it will be Tied for the most Wins Ever with the 1993 Phillies.

SirAlden said...


Michael Martinez 4 for 5 with 2 runs Scored and Gold Glove Fielding!


SirAlden said...

Martinez! Martinez! Martinez! Martinez!

ripjgarcia said...

I heard they like Martinez over at Beerleaguer. Why don't you go post about it over there Sir Alden?

ACSmitty79 said...

How bout John Mayberry Jr? He's been hitting the ball a lot better since his last AAA stint.

Also this team did hit pretty well this last Braves series, despite only managing 1 run Sat. All things considered, I'm feeling pretty good about this squad heading into the break. We pick up 1 more bat, and i don't see how we don't go to the WS.

GM-Carson said...

Phils are the best team is baseball. This I'm not denying. They do need an extra bat though and possible an arm in the bullpen, depending on how Contreras, Madson, and Lidge come back.