Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is Ryan Howard a Top MLB Talent?

Ryan Howard is being paid like a top-tier talent and his 5 year $125M contract extension hasn't even kicked in yet (starts next season). Below you will find his 2011 MLB ranks among qualified first basemen and all MLB batters. No opinion, just facts. My question to you- is Ryan Howard a top MLB talent?

Ryan Howard MLB Ranks:
*Qualified Players Only
(1st Base/All MLB)

OBP - .342 (15th/66th)
SLG - .453 (14th/60th)
OPS - .795 (15th/62nd)
AVG - .246 (17th/115th)
RUN - 49 (7th/47th)
RBI - 73 (2nd/3rd)
DBL - 18 (12th/70th)
HR - 18 (7th/18th)
XBH - 37 (5th/37th)
K - 104 (1st/6th)
WAR - 0.8 (19th/114th)
Pay - $20M (3rd/8th)

WAR = Wins Above Replacement and XBH = Extra Base Hits. Stats through games played on July 19th.

*Used,, and to help compile data.


GM-Carson said...

I give Howard credit for playing a decent 1st base this year in the field and he remains a top RBI man.

Jack said...

Until Howard learns to layoff of pitches outside the strike zone and to stop trying to pull everything he will not be a top 10 player.

I also hate the way he acts like the "Howard shift" is cheating--no, if you can't use the whole field that's Howard's fault. They give him the whole left side of the field in both the outfield and the infield. Next Howard will act like he should only get fastballs and off speed stuff is "cheating"

GM-Carson said...

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Bob D said...

If he would hit the opposite way then he would improve greatly

Aaron said...

Ryan Howard has absolutely no idea where the strike zone is. When he actually doesn't swing at a ball it's usually a check swing. Last nights K's where ridiculous. A 3-2 count and he swings at a ball 2 feet outside and and ankle high.
RBI's are great but if you compare his RBI's to how many RBI's he has left on third base by striking out it's really not that good.
40 Homers do not outweigh 200 strikeouts....they just don't.

Corey said...

is he a top talent? absolutely. you can't have HR/RBI totals like that and not be a "top talent." is he worth 5/125? eh, probably not.

Jack said...

I'd rather have Cecil Fielder...

GM-Carson said...

Where's the cut-off point for top talent? I consider top talent a top 25 player offensively, and he's not that aside from RBI.

SirAlden said...

I agree with Corey.

Interesting question going forward
is how will it effect him with someone like Beltran or anyone decent batting 5th behind him?

Looks like he has put on some weight which is a concern.

At the end of the day the only Stat that shows Top Value - is the Win Column. Howard's RBI's have contributed mightily the Phillies Success. If you drop someone else into the Clean-up Hole - and have 20 less RBI's each season = No Playoffs, fighting for the Wild Card this Year (not 1st Place) and most likely....

No Halladay, or Lee on the team. They just would not have come over.

So Howard who will most likely end his career top 1 or 2 im every offensive Team category is a Top Player.

He is earning $20M this year. If he earns 8-10 million too much per year for the remainder of his contract, is that worth "The Golden Age" of Phillies/Cholly Baseball?


SirAlden said...


Preserve Jon said...

Howard is a until-the-fat-lady-sings/ends-justify-the-means kind of player. Can't judge his season until its over.

ACSmitty79 said...

The Phillies line up has been shit all year. You baseball people are supposed to know where you hit in the line up + who is in your line up has a hell of a lot to do with the types of pitches you see. Hence, they're not giving Howard sh*t to hit. Should he be laying off some pitches? No doubt, but y'all bitched when he didn't swing @ a ball in the NLCS. WTF?

Howard damn near leads the league in RBI despite a line up that can't hit for shit and nobody hitting in front of him or behind him.

In August and September he'll walk on water AGAIN and you guys can shut up till next year when you complain about his K's again.

GM-Carson said...

Literally split down the middle on this vote. 50% say Howard is a top talent, 50% say he is not.