Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Howard & Utley Cartoon

Ever wonder what players talk about on the bus? Speculate no more...

*Thanks to FuriousBall for the tip on this one.

Got another video for ya too. This one features Iron Pig Tagg Bozied in a commercial for Lehigh Valley. He's playing the role of the most interesting man in baseball, which is a knockoff of the Dos Equis ads featuring the old dude doing crazy shit as the "most interesting man in the world".

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Reuben J. Cohen said...

I don't know if the "Most Interesting Man" baseball knockoffs are common, but I do know that the Blue Jays did one a few years ago for Aaron Hill.

Just looked for it on Youtube, can't find it. But this has been done before.

SirAlden said...

M&M Fakes a Bunt then Pulls the Old Pop it up right into the Sun to force and Error and End up Standing on 1st Base.

"The old fake a bunt then pop it up right into the Sun Trick - is there Nothing that Michael Martinez cannot do?" ~Scott Franke

"Martinez easily steals 2nd Base, Charlie Manuel say 'He is a High Energy guy whose energy rubs off on the entire lineup. His RBI total is
one less that Domonic Brown, in 60 less at bats..." ~Larry Anderson

M&M scores the First Run of the game from 2nd Base on Ryan Howard's light squibler through the shortstop hole.

Fake Bunt then Trick Pop-up directly into the Sun, Steals second base, scores all the way from 2nd base on Howard's weak grounder to the left side. Blow's kiss to Mila Kunis, and it is only the top of the first.

SirAlden said...

Takes off Phillies Cap. Wipes Brow. Licks Eyebrows with Tongue. Mila giggles and squeals with delight.

GM-Carson said...

Look at Worley with the double. That kid likes to swing the bat.

I had a feeling Howard would have a good game after this morning's post. 1 RBI so far...

GM-Carson said...

Holy crap, Martinez playing better than Polly. Who knew?!

GM-Carson said...

Michael Martinez is in line for a special post tomorrow on the blog. He really is doing well, illegitimately well.

SirAlden said...

That's another! RBI for M&M in the top of the 2nd driving in J-Roll from 2nd. 4-0 in the 2nd inning.

Martinez Steals his 2nd Base of the Game!

"Oh what Energy this guy is bringing to the offense." ~Larry Anderson

"He certainly has jumped ahead of Wilson Valdez." ~Scott Franke

No longer the team's 25th Man.

SCORES!!!! On Utley's Double for the his second run of the game - each time because of his stolen bases.

~Mila Texts M&M "I love you squooogie!"~

~M&M Texts Mila "I love you wooogie!"~

SirAlden said...

"Such Cute Kids, and the power of love." ~ SirAlden

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden- what drug are you on?