Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Halladay Throws Strikes, Lee Hit, K-Rod Gone, Where's Martinez & Chooch SI Cover

Roy Halladay is a cyborg according to San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson, and that he might be. Dude throws almost exclusively strikes. 2 innings, 19 pitches, 14 strikes, 6 AL All-Stars up, 6 AL All-Stars down. Best pitcher in baseball.

Lee Hit:

Cliff Lee didn't fare as well, surrendering the lone run for the American League. No fear, NL won 5-1. An Adrian Gonzalez blast was the blemish, but he did go 1.2 innings against the best the AL had to offer. It's only an exhibition game though, so whatever. Of course it is nice that the Phils get 4 home games in the World Series if need be.

Peace Out K-Rod:
Francisco Rodriguez's days with the New York Mets have gone the way of the buffalo, as he was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday. He'll likely become the set-up man to John Axford. K-Rod is probably happy because he now has a shot at the playoffs, but unhappy because his shot at having his $17.5M option for next season guaranteed is not gonna happen (needs to finish 55 games). Instead, he'll have to take his $3.5M buyout and hit the open market. Please Jeebus, do not let Rube sign him to replace Lidge.

Where was Michael Martinez?
The National League can breath a sigh of relief because they pulled in a victory despite the manager's, Bruce Bochy, dumbassery. Why didn't he pinch run with the fastest man on the planet? Why didn't he pull all the fielders but the pitcher and catcher in the 9th and allow the best gloveman ever to play the game to showcase his immense talent? The All-Star game obviously needs more Michael Martinez, the best 25th man in all of baseball. Go ahead and preach Sir Alden...

Ruiz Gets His Due:


Preserve Jon said...

Welcome to the three slowest news days in the annual sports calendar. Once the All-Star news cycle ends, there is no sporting news (aside from Women's World Cup soccer - meh - and I'm a huge soccer fan) until Friday night for Phils fans.

I'm grateful that the schedule makers imparted an extra off-day for our Fightins, but what am I supposed to do for the next couple of days? Walk the dog over and over? Talk to my wife?

SirAlden said...

Associated Press Mila Kunis - "Yes we are very much in love... Yes it happened very fast. Sometimes it life things just happen like that. Last night after the All-Star Game after after party when my cutie M&M hit the light switch across the room? He was under the covers with me! Before the light was out! Fast! But not fast with taking care of me..."

Preserve Jon said...

That's an active imagination you have SirAlden. I bet you have some interersting fan fiction in a dark corner of your hard drive.

Bob D said...

In the offseason Michael Martinez has a part time job as a firefighter saving lives with lightening fast reactions and super human strength.

GM-Carson said...

Screw Michael Martinez.

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