Friday, July 29, 2011

Discussion on Hunter Pence

The following is the chatter about the Hunter Pence to Philly rumors that was going on in the comment section of our Pirates Series Preview. Read, then continue discussion in this post's comment section.

Blogger GM-Carson said...
My thoughts on a possible Hunter Pence for Jonathan Singleton, Jarred Cosart, and another second-tier pitching prospect trade rumor is- DO IT!

Pence is a proven commodity and is under team control through 2013.

Singleton is young with lots of upside, but dude is in A ball and may never pan out.

Cosart has great stuff, but it hasn't necessarily translated into great success in the low minors yet either. We have minor league starting pitching depth, so trading him isn't going to kill the team.

Pence is 28 and just entering his prime. He's a career .290 hitter with an .818 OPS. He's in his 5th MLB season and has been pretty consistent. Added bonus, he's got a bit of speed and a decent outfield arm.

Blogger SirAlden said...
Pence is Solid and will get Domomnic Brown out of RF and into LF next year where he belongs.

I do not do the deal if Brown is included.

Blogger Bob D said...
Brown and Worley need to be kept to make the strongest team this year. If they have to give up a few prospects then so be it. Cosart could be awesome in 2 years in majors, but the added bat is needed for the playoffs more than the season. This team should coast into clinching a playoff birth. They need the right handed bat to balance out some lefty pitching on other teams. Sorry but Francisco just doesn't do it anymore- Mayberry has been pretty good but Manuel was to improve there.

Blogger ripjgarcia said...
I could do without Brown. He's like Darryl Strawberry without cocaine and home runs and batting average. He's lanky, strong, and loafs.

BTW, Carson. The Astros allegedly turned down that offer Wednesday of Thursday. More than likely right after Beltran was traded.

Blogger ACSmitty79 said...
Read a rumor that Houston doesn't even LIKE Dom Brown.

Blogger SirAlden said...
Report: Phils must include Brown to get Pence's Jon Heyman reports that "there's a sense out there" that if the Phillies include Domonic Brown instead of Jonathan Singleton in a package for Hunter Pence, a deal will get done.

Well, we should hope so. It was reported previously that the Astros might take a Singleton/Jarred Cosart offer from the Phils, but it appears they're seeking a Brown/Cosart combo instead.

Blogger Randy said...
Throw Brown into the pot and make a deal if that is what it takes. I am not so enamored with Brown.

Blogger GM-Carson
I'd like to keep Brown. I'm not sold on him being a future star, but I think he can be decent enough to want to keep around for the next 4-5 seasons (until he gets more expensive than he's worth via free agency or arbitration).

Blogger Bob D said...
Carson I agree with you there. Pence (or Quentin) is the type of bat this team needs to put that good balance on it. But I think keeping Brown would be the better move. Brown is rough around the edges on his play but he has great potential. If they want Brown then Rube has to offer a lesser pitching prospect than Cosart.

Blogger Bob D said...
Also I think a move will be made today.

Blogger Preserve Jon said...
Perhaps they could add Mayberry and a Michael Schwimer to the deal.

Anonymous Asst.GM-RK said...
Gotta ask yourself, do you want Hunter Pence in a Phillies uni or a Bravos? I think this is the answer on Dominic Brown. I'm still looking for evidence this young player is a hotshot. Can you say Ricky Jordan?

Blogger GM-Carson
Reading stuff over at, it certainly appears Amaro is making a big push for Pence.

This means 1 of 2 things.

1. Amaro really wants Pence and will get him.

2. It's a diversion, the real target is somebody that hasn't even been discussed and he'll be in Phils pinstripes by Monday.


BrickTops said...

It isn't that the Astros don't like Brown or Singleton, They have a need and desire for pitching. Pitching Pitching Pitching. That is why the 3rd team is being brought in, so they can turn a Singleton/Brown package into pitching.

SirAlden said...

From MLB Trade Rumors.

The Phillies may be willing to trade Brown to a third team to get the prospects the Astros want for Pence, Stark writes.

(Bad Bad News. What are we going to in an affordable way in LF next year 2012 - resign Raul? Put M&M in LF with his blinding speed? - Remember Michael Jack Schmidt batted .192 during his first year. Brown should become a solid affordable league average or above LF...IMHO)

The Braves offered a package that included prospects they didn’t offer to the Mets for Carlos Beltran, but the Astros turned the offer down, according to Stark. The Braves may be moving on, which would leave the Phillies as Pence’s primary suitor. The Red Sox, Reds, Pirates and Indians appear to have peeled off, according to Stark.

(This is good news on the Brown front if other Teams are moving on.)

SirAlden said...

5:51 PM Buster Tweet

The Phillies currently have no intention of putting Brown in a deal for Pence, tweets Buster Olney.

ACSmitty79 said...

i'm gettin cold feet on Pence. Wish there were other options. I think Amaro's got something in the works.

GM-Carson said...

Righthanded batting difference makers aren't really available aside from Pence, Carlos Quentin, and Aramis Ramirez.

I'd love to see A-Ram playing 3rd, and Polly can just be a high paid utility player for the rest of the season.

Bob D said...

actually since Pence would be here for 2 more years, hmmm not a bad idea even if they have to lose Brown. Reading up on Pence hes a good dude involved in community and all and a good clubhouse presence. Next years OF would be: Pence, Vic, and any number of free agents/traded players. Not too hard to get another OF.

Aaron said...!/Ken_Rosenthal/statuses/97097408802070529

GM-Carson said...

8 runs for Halladay could last him 4 starts.

Aaron said...

Rosenthal is now saying pence should be a Philly by the end of the night!!!!
He'll yeah......go get um Rube!!!!!

Aaron said...

Looks like it's Cosart singleton and two "non major" players to be named later. If this is true Rube is God!

Andrew said...

Nothing wrong with Pence. Good guy, good player, young enough to be valuable... but I just don't think he's worth 2 top prospects AND Dom Brown. Brown is hitting >.300 this month. Notice? He had a slow start, but what rookie doesn't? Mike Schmidt hit under .200 his rookie season. Should he have been traded? I am sure Brown will be equal to Pence, if not better, when he develops. This team doesn't need anything except to just keep playing like they are.

Aaron said...

Hunter pence just replaced by Jason Michaels in the 4th inning!!!!!

He's ours!!!!

GM-Carson said...

Pence is a Phillie. So now I guess Brown is optioned to Triple-A, because he won't be playing regularly.

GM-Carson said...

Singleton and Cosart may end up being stars some day, but Pence is what this team needs right now and he's under team control through 2013.
Good job Rube!

ripjgarcia said...

I'm watching the Rube PC right now. He's no Howie Roseman but he's a go getter.

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