Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blanton and Contreras Injury Updates, Gillick to be Honored, Oswalt and Polly to Rehab & Who Starts for the Giants

Blanton Ultrasound?
When I first read Joe Blanton had an ultrasound on Tuesday, I immediately thought- "Oh my god, he's pregnant." Turns out he has nerve inflammation in his right elbow and is likely finished for the 2011 season. This makes the awesomeness of Vance Worley even more awesome.

Where's Morgan Freeman?
Remember when Jose Contreras was the Phillies closer? What the hell happened to him anyway? Well, it appears age is finally catching up to him. He's listed as 39, but is probably about 55. Jose has been experiencing pain in his right arm and received a platelet-rich plasma injection in it to help soothe his aching. Don't expect this brittle geezer to help the Phils much more this year.

1995 as Detective Lt. William Somerset in "Se7en."

Honoring Gillick:
Hall-of-Fame inductee Pat Gillick will be honored by the Phillies prior to Wednesday's game. Ceremony begins at 6:35 and will be streamed live on for those of you that are into that sorta thing. Patty G made some good moves (Moyer, Utley extension) and some bad ones (Garcia trade, Eaton), but he did help construct the 2008 WFC, so all is good in the hood.

Amy Winehouse might not have wanted to go to rehab (too soon?), but Roy Oswalt and Placido Polanco are ready to. Roy2 will need at least 1 rehab start in the minors and possibly 2 before being activated. Polly is hoping to be lifted from the DL prior to the Phils hitting the road on Monday (heading to Colorado).

Knock, Knock. Who is it?
Cole Hamels is the starting pitcher for the Phils tonight, this much we know. Who is pitching for the Giants is up in the air. San Francisco is hoping Tim Lincecum is recovered from the flu, which knocked him out of last night's start, and able to go tonight. If not, Matt Cain is willing and able. Get my little Bible reference there? Either way, it's a tough opponent for the Phightins.


Aaron said...

Dude you gotta throw the Buccos some love they got hosed last night!

GM-Carson said...

They did get hosed last night. That was one of the worst calls I've ever seen. The Buccos need every win they can get and the ump cost them that game. Not to mention the Braves are the ones that won it, so the Phils didn't gain any ground.

Preserve Jon said...

I too think they got hosed. I've only seen the play a few times and not in slow motion, but I haven't seen an angle that convincingly shows me that the catcher tagged the runner. He swiped and the motion was clean. In my mind that's why Meals called him safe.

The catcher's glove never jerks as it would if he made contact with the runner. The ball clearly beat the runner, no question's asked, but the catcher made a poor decision to swipe tag him when he could have simply put his throwing hand in the glove and turned his body. This is a fundamental baseball action that a good catcher would have ingrained in his toolkit. Proper mechanics would have prevented this controversy.

(Recall that Posey didn't shift his feet when he got runover - another fundamental mistake. This resulted in his knee getting blown to smithereens. Whereas if he had shifted his feet, his body would have absorbed the blow - not his knee.)

ripjgarcia said...

Here's how you know he got tagged. Lugo actually hops back onto the plate (although he touched it anyway) just to make sure he touched home plate. He looked as surprised as everyone else.

I also think it was completely classless of the Braves to come out there, albeit their home field, and celebrate like they won the pennant or something.

SirAlden said...

Pat Gillick is a Genius.

Without him we would have less than nothing.

SirAlden said...

Would love to Take a Preserve Jon Catching Clinic.

GM-Carson said...

Looks like Beltran is heading to the Giants for Zach Wheeler. San Francisco now has a 16 outfielders on their 25-man roster.

ripjgarcia said...

Terrible play by Dom Brown. The more I look at this guy, the more I don't understand what everyone is so excited about.

SirAlden said...

Dom Brown really is a sub par fielder.

It just seems like he is not experienced.

Hope he takes it to heart.

GM-Carson said...

Dom Brown very well might turn into a great player, but I have not liked a lot of things I've seen this season from him. Doesn't always hustle. His defense is subpar. His swing is very long.

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