Tuesday, June 07, 2011

WSBGMs Official Phillies Seals

Bad Ass - Roy Halladay of course. Since joining the Phillies he's started 46 games and has a 29-13 record, 316 K in 349 IP, with 13 CG, 4 SHO, and a CY Young award. Don't forget the perfect game or the playoff no-hitter. Man is a beast, total bad ass.

The Wise One - Charlie Manuel. Was Yoda truly wise, or did he just seem that way with all that backwards jabbering he did? Wish you knew, you did. Enlightened and easy-going Fuqua is.

Screw You - Michael Martinez. Nuff said.

Head-Up-Ass - Ruben Amaro. See above.

Valdez a Satyr?


Bob D said...

Some things posted here are just SO WRONG! Keep up the good job!

GM-Carson said...

WSBGMs were the original bad boys of the Phillies blogs. We go against the grain and do things our own way. Thanks for loving us Bob!

ripjgarcia said...

This pitcher's name is Rubby. That makes me laugh.

C.M.R. said...

game already over.

Dropped Strike Three said...

haha... damn. My wife just pointed out that Valdez looked like the guy who plays a Satyr in the Percy Jackson movie and as I was about to photoshop something I found you post on google! damn you!

Aaron said...


Victorino with a piss poor base running play in the 1st

Bases loaded 1 out Victorino grounds out to the pitcher.

Utley can't throw the ball anywhere and can't hit the ball anywhere but weakly right at outfielders. They keep saying Utely feels good.......then hit the damn ball!! You've got enough at bats under your belt....wake up!!

Oswalt walks the pitcher to start the inning

Samuel should have waved chooch home he would have been safe by a lot.

How the F does Ibanez not even come close to being safe on that hit by valdez when he's running on contact because there are two outs???

I don't wanna here that they have the best record in baseball. I don't wanna be told to relax or that the offense will come around. Bottom line is if this is the offense we take to the playoffs we will not win the world series. The guys we have are not good enough period.
F'ing Pathetic.

C.M.R. said...

remember when we cleaned house at the trade deadline in 06? methinks its time to do so again...

Aaron said...

Another half hearted swing lazy fly to the outfield for utley.

Aaron said...

heres our offense in a nut shell.
Utley takes a half swing and fly's out.
Howard strikes out on a ball that almost hits him in the ankles.
Ibanez - grounds out to second. Note I am predicting this it hasn't happend yet......oh wait yes it just did

GM-Carson said...

Aaron- thank you for bitching for me. I came on here with the intent of pointing out all those mistakes, but you already did. Good work by you, bad work by the Phils.

Dropped Strike Three- my wife thought the same thing, and that's why I posted it.

GM-Carson said...

Bad pitching, bad defense, bad hitting. Bad.

Bob D said...

Flyers traded for a goalie, and the Sixers may get sold and possibly make a blockbuster trade, and the Phillies .... well theyre still in first. Oh yeah they drafted a bunch of infielders.

ripjgarcia said...

I think we should trade for that Mazzaro dude from KC. 22 ER in 11 and a third. We can have him pitch simulation games to boost our hitter's confidence.