Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hamels Goes For #10, Roster Update, Oswalt Nearing End, The Future & The Phanatic Goes Down

10 Spot:
Cole Hamels and Roy Halladay have each had the opportunity to be the first in the Majors this season to reach 10 wins, but were unable to do so (offense's fault, not theirs). Hamels has another chance at it today, and as long as the bats back him (not likely), then hopefully he'll gain this distinction.

Roster Moves:
*Jose Contreras to the DL with old age, Juan Perez called up. Perez is now officially a Phucco.

*Brian Schneider activated from the DL, Dane Sardinha outrighted to Lehigh Valley.

*JC Romero released.

*Roy Oswalt to the DL with a cranky back and defeatist attitude, Scott Mathieson called up.

Is This The End?
“You throw as long as you can and when you can’t throw anymore you don’t. Hopefully it’s not to the point where I can’t throw anymore. If it’s at that point, you just have to accept it.”
~Roy Oswalt

Mere speculation here, but this sounds like a man who is defeated and finished. Oswalt has been talking about retiring at the end of his contract for the past couple years, and now with the contract nearing its end, it appears he too is nearing his end. He's a devout family man that has suffered through tornado scares over the past 2 years, and that has taken a toll on him mentally. His body is also giving way due to continuing back problems. The Phillies hold a $16M option for him next season, but it's doubtful they pick it up, nor does Roy likely want them to at this point. Baseball-Reference lists his career earnings at $75,950,000, so it's safe to say he's done alright for himself financially. I hope this isn't the end for him, as it would be great to see him return and help pitch the Phils to a World Series title. If it is the end of the road though, well, then he's had one helluva career and I hope he enjoys retirement.

The Future:
Both Jarred Cosart/SP and Sebastian Valle/C of the Clearwater Thresher has been chosen to play in the XM Futures Game, that is held over the All-Star break to showcase prospects. Valle (.353/.859) will be donning the World team uniform, while Cosart (6-4, 3.16 ERA) goes for the USA. Current Phillies that have been featured in the game are Ryan Howard, Joe Blanton, Chase Utley, and Domonic Brown.

And in case you haven't seen it, here's the Phanatic getting hit by a foul ball...


Corey said...

magic number - 81

Bob D said...

See Madson not available for a few days because he lost feeling in his pitching hand after getting hit on the 20th. :/

Ruiz wasnt available last night due to dental work.

I bet Oswalt will be back in August

However I'm really hoping Worley's control improves and he can become a reliable starter for this team.

Dave said...

We need Joe Blanton back from the DL!

Mike C said...

Oswalt with a defeatist attitude? I think you have that wrong. Despite having back problems he went to the mound and tried to give his team a few innings. That sounds like a team player to me. The defeatist would have simply said "It hurts to much to pitch, coach. Take me out."

C.M.R. said...

what do you all think about mlb possibly realigning its divisions?

GM-Carson said...

I said Oswalt was defeatist in the way that he feels defeated.

I hate the projected realignment, because that means constant interleague play (15 in each league).

SirAlden said...

The Lack of Everyone Not Hitting is Scary.

Phillies have 1 Hit through 5 innings.

Sad Sad Sad. Do not see how it is going to change.

Bob D said...

Cahill was actually that good

But strikeouts with runners on (Ibanez, Brown, Rollins) really hurt. Rollins get under so many pitches and seems to hit way too many flyballs for a leadoff hitter

ripjgarcia said...

Lack of offense sucks. On other baseball notes.. WTF has gotten into Verlander.. Bejeesus

GM-Carson said...

I hate this offense. I told you all it was on No-Hit Nunez level.