Monday, June 20, 2011

Stat O' The Day

Worley - .250
Lee - .242
Hamels - .242
Blanton - .200
Martinez - .194
Oswalt - .111
Halladay - .094


ripjgarcia said...

It's a shame Oswalt's average isn't higher. He has a 1.000 career fielding percentage in LF.

Anonymous said...

why didn't you post the stat for valdez?

Ben said...

how come blanton dint play left field yesterday then, cholly. Its as ridiculous of a thought as having fucking MM play!

Corey said...

i didn't post the stat for valdez because:
- he doesn't completely suck.
- he isn't completely useless.
- he can actually hit the ball.
- i want him on the team.

Bob D said...

Halladay can lay down a sacrafice bunt and Oswalt has a career homer, so both are even better than the M&M

GM-Carson said...

Valdez is far better than Martinez. Valdez is a typical utility player. He can at least get base knocks every once in awhile, not every blue moon. Martinez sucks!

Peter said...

i think just before that double (triple?) to left center field the other day, the broadcast team showed a stat that valdez has the best batting average with runners in scoring position on the team. before that hit it was something like .394 so i imagine valdez is now hitting over .400 with risp.

that's another reason why.

GM-Carson said...

Valdez should not be starting on a regular basis, but he is perfectly fine once in a while to give a regular a breather and to pinch hit. Michael Martinez has zero redeeming value and never will. His place on this team is pointless and careless by Amaro. It's like a constant "fuck you" to Phillies fans.