Thursday, June 09, 2011

Series Preview - Cubs

Chicago Cubs (24-36) vs. Philadelphia Phillies (37-25)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Thursday, 7:05, Randy Wells vs. Kyle Kendrick
Friday, 7:05, Carlos Zambrano vs. Roy Halladay
Saturday, 4:10, Matt Garza vs. Cliff Lee
Sunday, 1:35, Doug Davis vs. Roy Oswalt

Cubbies Bats:
AVG - .269 (3rd)
OBP - .323 (11th)
SLG - .392 (14th)
R - 245 (18th)

This offense is confusing because they have a bunch of guys with high batting averages, yet they score less runs than the Phillies. Kosuke Fukudome/RF (.309), Marlon Byrd/CF (.308), Darwin Barney/2B (.304), Starlin Castro/SS (.301), and Aramis Ramirez/3B (.286) have only 10 homeruns collectively, so that probably has a lot to do with it. Their biggest bopper, Alfonso Soriano (12 HR), is on the DL, as is super utility player Jeff Baker (.368/.865).

Expect a lot of base hits, but few runs scored. Sorta like the Phils offense without the hits.

Cubbies Pitching:
ERA - 4.80 (30th)
WHIP - 1.48 (30th)
BAA - .269 (29th)

The worst pitching staff in baseball couldn't be arriving at Citizens Bank Park at a better time. A 4-game set against this hapless bunch should remedy the Phils offensive woes, and if it doesn't then it's going to be a long summer. Earlier this week Zambrano called out his club for playing like a Triple-A team. He was mostly pissed off at closer Carlos Marmol for blowing a save that would have been a credited win to Big Z. Zambrano (3.98 ERA) is Friday's starter, and is the best the Cubs have to offer. Going tonight for Chicago is Wells (5.74 ERA), who is still attempting to get his feet under him this season after being recently activated from the DL. On Saturday Garza gets the ball and has been a strikeout machine (71 K in 59.2 IP with a 4.07 ERA). Then in the series finale on Sunday Davis (6.38 ERA) wraps things up. Not a good rotation, rather bad.

In the bullpen the Cubs are better, with Sean Marshall (1.03 ERA, 12 HLD), Kerry Wood (2.25 ERA, 9 HLD), and Carlos Marmol (3.21 ERA, 11 SV, 37 K in 28 IP).

I'm going big and picking Phils for 3 outta 4. If they happen to eek out a victory tonight with KK on the mound, then sweep. Also, Zambrano takes Doc deep on Friday for the Cubs lone run.

Almost forgot...
Screw Michael Martinez!


GM-Carson said...

When's Vance Worley come back? They sent him down to get his arm strength back and get straightened out. In 2 starts for Lehigh Valley he has allowed 0 runs in 13 innings with 15 K's and 2 W.

Corey said...

whenever his "time out" is over for questioning the team on how they used him. bad vance. bad boy. if only they had tried 1-2-3 magic maybe his behavior would not have gotten out of control.

SirAlden said...

True dat.

Ol' girl parts is pretty awesome this year.

GM-Carson said...

Ol' Girl Parts is the freakin' man. He's matured quite a bit over the past 2 seasons. He's one of the top pitchers in the game now.

Aaron said...

As soon as Rollins went yard I said to myself, I bet this is all the runs they score tonight.

Sad sad sad.

Aaron said...

Against one of the worst pitching staffs in Baseball

2nd - 0 runs
3rd - 0 runs
4th - 0 runs
5th - 0 runs
6th - 0 runs
7th - 0 runs
8th - 0 runs
9th - 0 runs
10th - 0 runs
11th - 0 runs

Manual manages his way into having no pitchers left by the 10th inning.
Ruiz passed ball
Herndon pick off attempt at second with no one there to catch the ball.
Polanco throwing error on a routine play.

This is not a Championship team.
This is not even a division winning team.
This team needs dramatic changes.

This is the most frustrating team I have ever watched. ever.

Andrew said...

Still a LOT of baseball to play....

GM-Carson said...

Still alot of baseball to play- yes.

This team playing horribly- yes.

They are playing bad teams (Nats, Buccos, Dodgers, Cubs) and they're losing. I know winning every game isn't possible, but the way in that they're losing is disgraceful. 1 inning out of 11 that produces runs. Runs scoring on errors. That's shit.