Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick Hits

I've got to be quick this morning because I think the next game is starting soon...

Star Of Day
Obviously, it's Michael Martinez. He batted 1.000 on the day (1-1) and scored the game tying run in the second game. That is productivity.

Congrats to Kruk
John Kruk will be the next member of the Phillies Wall of Fame. His induction will take place before the August 12th game against the Gnats.

How many current Phillies will eventually be on the Wall? Rollins, Utley and Howard are already there. And probably Hamels too. Halladay and Lee could make it if they continues pitching like this for a few more years and they make some playoff noise. Victorino? Cooch? Sure he doesn't have great numbers but we all know how valuable he's been to this team. And what about a guy like Lidge? Certainly he hasn't had a great Phillies career but he had one year that might not be able to be topped by another Phils reliever.

Put This Away For Later
The next time somebody starts that old, tired argument about how bad Philadelphia fans are ["You guys threw snowballs at Santa, blah, blah, blah"] and you want to entertain their ignorance, you can always bring up the Vancouver behavior last night. Attacking riot police. Burning police cars. And they didn't even win!?!? This wasn't the result of excessive jubilation and celebration. This was a city-wide temper tantrum. Not only are they horrible people, they're bad losers.

F-ing Boston
With the Bruins win last night, all four major sports teams in Boston have won a title in the last seven years. C'mon Eagles, Sixers and Flyers. Are you even trying?

The Phils go for the four game sweep at 1:05. Cliff Lee goes against Javier Vazquez and his 7+ ERA. Ordinarily I would call the sweep, but there is a chance that Sardinha, Valdez and Martinez will all start, and that's never a recipe for victory.

Magic Number


GM-Carson said...

3 games in 24 hours. Tiring.

Prediction- Martinez goes 2 for 4 with an rbi triple.

Chase Utley is officially back!

Preserve Jon said...

6 in a row is a nice little run for this team. Let's see how many we can string together. Although the scheduling office did us no favors granting our boys a day game followed by 2400 mile flight to Seattle.

What the hell is that all about?

GM-Carson said...

Interleague play is stoopid.

Bob D said...

Bullpen help now at AAA Leigh High Valley as Justin DeFratus and Philip Aumont got promoted. They could replace Romero and Baez sucks by next year maybe even this year if were lucky. Those 2 along with Michael Schwimmer could be as good as Bastardo and Stutes and make for an inexpensive bullpen for coming years.

GM-Carson said...

Did Aumont and DeFratus replace Gordon and Belliard?

Bob D said...

They got called up for Gordon and the anticipated Worley call up. Cody Overbeck has also been called up to replace Belliard. Overbeck has a line of 275/18/46. He's a right handed hitter who has good power and plays mainly 1B and LF. He also has some experience at 3B but is not very good with the glove.
DeFratus 4-0/8SV 2.10 43K in 34 Innings
Aumont 1-5/4SV 2.32 41K in 31 Innings

ACSmitty79 said...

Wilson Valdez: crappy tipper

SirAlden said...

Thank God Martinez is on our team.

Super Fast - Great Fielder

Just made a great catch in the top of the 4th.

I nominate him as "The BeerGoggles Girl of the Team"

Squint your eyes on the Face/Hitting,
"Boy oh Boy she does some/many things soooo right"

Aaron said...

I know the phils are on fire and Howard has ten RBI on the home stand. But three times in the last two games he has left a runner on third with less than two outs. That routine is getting very old. When we have a man on third and less than two outs he is about the last guy I want at the plate.
The guy just has to get it through his very thick skull that in those situations you have got stop taking a giant upper cut and put the damn ball in play!
He loses just ad many games as he wins.

SirAlden said...

Martinez SCORES!!!! YET AGAIN!

Maybe I should think about taking her out this Friday Night.

Hmmm... Yes Dinner and a Movie - 3 towns over. NoOne will see us then.

Preserve Jon said...

The kid is struggling. Time to give D'Brown a day or two off. Let Francisco hop in there for a breather.

Corey said...

love that michael martinez. always have. he's a real gamer. dirt ball. plays the right way. gritty. a hustler. high baseball IQ.

Corey said...

take away the two-homer game and brown is 1 for his last 24. yeah, i would qualify that as struggling.

GM-Carson said...

Cliff Lee- fantastic!

Screw Michael Martinez. I will not condone praise of him on this blog.

ACSmitty79 said...

7 in a row, beating teams we're supposed to beat, will shut me up.

Preserve Jon said...

JC Chasez has been DFAd.

Wow. Bastardo no longer a Loogy, upgraded to full killer status.

ripjgarcia said...

Despite Romero basically saying he was done with the Phillies, the quote about Bastardo being his student and that the student is sometimes better than the teacher is classy I guess

Bob D said...

Tim "Phillie Killer" Redding or was that CyYoung? Just signed with Phillies for minor league contract. At least now he won't beat the Phillies 5 times a year.
Romero cut WoW. Baez next???

GM-Carson said...

Romero did some good for the Phils, but not much lately. I'll remember him for his much needed relief in '08, him attacking a fan in Florida, his wildness, and the 50 game suspension.

SirAlden said...

Thank you J.C. Romero for what you did for us that September a few years ago.

Thanks Corey for Channelling...Wheels!

Bob D said...

2008 Romero, Madson, & Lidge was lights out for 7th, 8th, & 9th.

2011 its Stutes, Bastardo, & Madson