Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Phillies May Report Card

Carlos Ruiz/C .300/.797, 5 R, 1 RBI. Chooch is producing again at the plate, and has returned to being an on base machine (.417 OBP), but he needs to drive in some more runs. Grade: B+.

Ryan Howard/1B .208/.751, 13 R, 15 RBI, 6 HR, 36 K. Homeruns are fun, but striking out all the time is not. Pair that with an atrocious batting average and you have an under-performing "superstar". Grade: C-.

Chase Utley/2B .222/.734. Only has 8 games under his belt in 2011, so it's difficult to grade him. Having him on the field is a major plus though. Grade: incomplete.

Placido Polanco/3B .248/.583, 9 R, 10 RBI. Polly had a horrible month, but it went largely unnoticed because he's still batting .321 overall (thanks to his .398 April). Grade: F.

Jimmy Rollins/SS .242/.656, 13 R, 13 RBI, 7 SB. It is obvious J-Roll is on a downward trend. There will be no "bounce back" season here. His defense has become average, his bat has become average, he's become average. Grade: C-.

Raul Ibanez/LF .315/.941, 18 R, 19 RBI, 7 HR. Quickly turned the "boo" jeers into "RRRaaauuulll" cheers. Congrats old man. Grade: A+.

Shane Victorino/CF .275/.857. Was hurt for half the month, but when he's in the lineup, he's the biggest spark plug on the team with a sneaky combination of speed and pop. Grade: B.

Ben Francisco/RF .167/.615. His only redeeming value for the month of May was the 11 walks he collected. Grade: F.

John Mayberry/OF .194/.594, 9 R, 9 RBI, 4 SB. Plays great defense, but has already been overexposed at the plate revealing his multiple shortcomings. Grade: F.

Dane Sardinha/C .292/.767. Not as bad as you think. He's doing an adequate job handling the staff and holding his own at the plate. Grade: B.

Wilson Valdez/UTL .255/.608 and 1 W. For a utility infielder he's doing his job both defensively and offensively. His win in his first relief appearance earns him bonus points this month. Grade: B+.

Ross Gload/PH .304/.609. He doesn't have a walk or an extra base hit this season in 39 at bats, but singles are good in the pinch hitting role that he occupies. Grade: C.

Domonic Brown/OF .333/.924. After starting the year 1-14, he's 10 for his last 19. He should get the bulk of time in RF here on out. Grade: B+.

Michael Martinez/UTL .188/.425. Why?

*#/# = ERA/WHIP, #:# = BB:K

Roy Halladay 3-2, 3.00/1.16, 45 IP, 6:44. Doc is better than that, but even those numbers remain ace quality. Grade: A.

Cliff Lee 2-3, 3.78/1.41, 47.2 IP, 15:51. Being completely honest, this is not what the Phillies expected when they signed him to that enormous contract. Grade: C+.

Roy Oswalt 0-1, 1.50/1.50, 18 IP, 3:8. Was on the DL and missed time to tend to family matters (oops, did I do that?). When he pitched, he's still an ace. Grade: incomplete.

Cole Hamels 4-1, 2.93/0.95, 43 IP, 6:44. He's the 2nd best pitcher in this rotation. He has matured and developed tenacity on the mound that is paying dividends. Grade: A+.

Ryan Madson 14 G, 14 IP, 10 SV, 2.57/1.14, 14 K. He is the Phillies closer and should remain the Phillies closer for the rest of the season. Grade: A+.

Antonio Bastardo 11 G, 2 W, 2 HLD, 9 IP, 2.00/1.22, 10 K. He's not a lefty specialist, he's a straight-up set-up man. You better recognize! Grade: A.

JC Romero 12 G, 8.1 IP, 7 BB, 3.24/1.80. His ERA would be closer to 10 if not for his bullpen buddies routinely bailing him out. Grade: D.

Danys Baez 11 G, 16 IP, 5.63/1.56. Aside from his amazing 5 inning outing in the Wilson Valdez game, he's been awful. Grade: F.

Kyle Kendrick 2-2, 8 G, 18.1 IP, 3.93/1.47. He's now the 5th starter with Blanton on the shelf and Worley back in the minors. Grade: C.

Michael Stutes 13 G, 9.1 IP, 11 K, 2.89/1.50. For a rookie reliever he's doing everything he can to prove he belongs. Grade: B.

*Pete Orr, Vance Worley, Brian Schneider, Scott Mathieson, Mike Zagurski, Jose Contreras, David Herndon, and Joe Blanton all appeared in games during the month of May, but are exempt from the report card because I didn't feel like grading them.


ripjgarcia said...

I really didn't take notice to the fact that Raul did that well in May. Good stuff. Why does Gload get a C?

GM-Carson said...

Do you think Gload's grade should be higher or lower. I gave him a C because he does get pinch hit, but none that go extra bases and he's also limited defensively because of the hip.

GM-Carson said...

I hate the way they're playing against the Nationals this series.

I'm also tired of reading about the excuse of 20 straight games.

ripjgarcia said...

Alright, I see your point. He also gets pinch-run for.. by pitchers, so I guess a C would be fair.

Screw the 20 game excuse. If Nix doesn't catch that ball.. Ok, I'll stop.

GM-Carson said...

Nix was the difference in the game today. Gnats win on his solo shot and by his game saving bases load snag.

Offense's grade today: F-

Andrew said...

sad to see Lannan's streak end... I loved facing that douche!

ACSmitty79 said...

Jayson Stark said the Phils are keeping martinez when Victorino comes back because Martinez won't make it through waivers. Because OTHER teams think he's a good utility dude, we have to keep him. That is so dumb.

Stark said if it were him he'd just DL Gload and call it done.

Dr. Steve said...

The Phillies just love hanging on to useless Rule 5 drafts that will accomplish nothing and are worse than talent on the waiver wire. He's not Shane Victorino guys, we have better talent in the minors nearly MLB ready. Giving this guy MLB experience and at-bats is wasting talent and wins.