Thursday, June 02, 2011

Martinez or Gload or Mayberry? Yes.

So Shane Victorino's coming back. Nice. He'll need a roster spot, though, which means somebody has to go. Paul Hagan wrote a little piece about who should make way for the Flyin' Hawaiian. His conclusion was that John Mayberry will/should be sent down because:

- DL'ing Gload would leave the team without a lefty off the bench. [You can't count Martinez...]
- Offering Martinez back to the Gnats would leave the bench short on infield options on days that Utley needs rest.
- Francisco has performed better than Mayberry off of the bench as a pinch-hitter and Mayberry hasn't hit that well recently as a starter.

Valid points all around. I'm not going to argue Hagan's logic, I'm merely going to say... I don't give a shit about any of that! There are two GIANT issues that weren't mentioned in Hagan's article, 1) Ross Gload is hurt to the point that offensively he's as worthless as Michael Martinez and 2) Michael Martinez is comnplete shite. So, I say blow the bench up and get rid of Gload by sending him to the DL, Martinez by sending him to Siberia and give Mayberry some time in Allentown.

To replace Gload, Martinez and Mayberry, the Phils should bring up Delwyn Young and Jeff Larish from the FeHams. Young gives the Phils the switch-hitting infield/outfield versatility that Martinez gave while hitting about 50+ points higher. Larish would give them a lefty with some pop off of the bench, something they've lacked all year. Gload doesn't have an extra base hit in 39 at-bats. Obviously he needs some time to heal that hip. Also, Kyle Kendrick won't have to run for Larish if he actually gets on base.

These moves would leave the Phils bench looking like this for now:
Francisco (OF)
Larish (3B/1B)
Young (2B/3B/LF/RF)
Valdez (IF)
Backup catcher

I now open up the floor for debate...


GM-Carson said...

Gload is now up to 40 at bats without an extra base hit or walk. DL him? Yes.

I know nothing about Michael Martinez as a human being, but I hate him as a player. He isn't good, never has been good, and never will be good. Hell, he's not even mediocre. He's terrible. If some other dumbass GM wants to pick him off waivers, go for it. They'll be sorry they wasted roster space, money, and at bats on the talentless ass clown.

GM-Carson said...

Some Minor League Updates:
*Matt Rizzotti (10) and Cody Overbeck (16) each went yard in Reading's win last night.

*Brian Gordon dropped his ERA to 0.84 for the Iron Pigs in 42.2 IP, while picking up his 4th win of the season. He's a converted outfielder too and still swings well. Maybe he should replace Zagurski and also be a bat off the bench...

Bob D said...

Martinez is in his prime.

Pete Orr is another possibility but Delwyn Young has more power.

How about replace Danys Baez? he threw another bomb 2 days ago. Other than that 5inning relief effort in the "Valdez game" he hasnt done much. Michael Schwimmer should get his chance soon in his place.

There should be a team somewhere that would trade a decent utility guy for a Scott Mathieson or a Mike Zagurski.

Bob D said...

Why isn't Kratz the backup catcher with his 295/9Hr/20RBI?

C.M.R. said...

i wonder if shaq can play baseball.

GM-Carson said...

I've seen Shaq swing a bat in that tv show "Shaq vs." and it's not pretty. Of course, still poses more of a threat that Martinez.

Ben said...

no Debate. This all makes sense. thats why it won't happen.

Lendyk4 said...

I mostly agree, but think you short-change Mayberry to the advantage of Francisco. John's much more valuable defensively and can play all OF positions. Ben has no arm and can't run.
I am also inclined to believe that that Mayberry will improve at the plate as the season goes on.
Ben is a Journeyman and I'd send him on one now.

GM-Carson said...

Vic comes off DL replaces Martinez, who is exposed to waivers. Peace out homie!

Gload is DL'd, Jeff Larish is called up.

Mayberry sticks around because he plays good outfield D and has shown the ability to swipe a bag and pop the occasional homerun.

Valdez is enough insurance for the infield. If Polly, Utley, or J-Roll get injured then call up Orr or somebody.

Screw Michael Martinez.

GM-Carson said...

The better go sweep 'em in Shittsburgh too this weekend.