Saturday, June 11, 2011

Because We Should Be GMs...

At 38-26 the Phillies have the best record in Major League Baseball. Happy? Yes. Satisfied? No. Never be complacent. There's almost always room for improvement. And room for improvement there is in this current cast of Phillies. So, because we should be GMs...

Release JC Romero. Whether it be no more special vitamin blend, injuries, age, or some combination of that, he's simply not getting the job done and hasn't for quite some time. He's wild and very hittable. Don't let his ERA of 3.81 over the past 2 seasons fool you, his WHIP and BB:K ratio are much more telling (1.67, 41:38).

This leaves the bullpen with one lefty in the form of Antonio Bastardo. He's much more than just a lefty specialist, he's probably the team's best option for set-up man at this stage of the season. Do the Phillies really need a lefty specialist though? Maybe, and if that's the case give Juan Perez a call-up (2.42/1.38, 32 K in 26 IP). If they can forgo the standard Loogy, then Drew Carpenter is getting the call (1.93/1.07, 40 K in 37.1 IP). He can go multiple innings and is likely better than David Herndon. Which leads me to my second move.

David Herndon is optioned back to Lehigh Valley, and Michael Schwimer (1.57/1.11, 47 K in 34.1 IP) is summoned for his MLB debut. Schwimer is definitely part of the future of this club, and quite possibly the present. Stutes is proving his worth, now it's time to allow Schwimer the same opportunity.

After Wednesday double header on Wednesday, Kyle Kendrick goes back to the bullpen and Vance Worley, who will start the other game of the DH, will remain in the rotation. Worley has upside and is probably the better option in the rotation. KK is nothing special. He's not bad, he has value, but having him pitch long relief is where he holds more value and can do less damage.

Oh, I'm not done moving and shaking yet. Ross Gload needs to be DL'd. John Mayberry or Jeff Larish (12 HR) replace him. Also, we can't forget the eyesore that is Michael Martinez. Be gone with him and bring up Josh Barfield (.278, 28 R, 26 RBI, 4 HR, 7 SB) or Carlos Rivero (.267/.768, 35 R, 6 HR, 25 RBI) from Reading, who happens to be on the 40-man roster (each can play multiple infield positions).

1. Release Romero, call-up Juan Perez or Drew Carpenter.
2. Option Herndon, call-up Michael Schwimer.
3. KK back to bullpen after DH, Worley to rotation.
4. DL Gload, call-up Mayberry or Jeff Larish.
5. Rid team of Martinez (Screw Michael Martinez!), call-up Josh Barfield or Carlos Rivero.

*Hat tip to loyal reader Bob-D for thinking like a GM in yesterday's comment section.

*I also want to throw out the possibility of picking up Miguel Tejada once the Giants waive him when Pablo Sandoval returns. Let him clear waivers, then sign him. He's a better option than Orr and Martinez.


Corey said...

they need a lefty off the bench, so i vote for larish over mayberry

GM-Carson said...

I too vote for Larish over Mayberry, as you've previously suggested.

We Should Be GMs!

8008 WFC's said...

I'm totally with you on these moves.

Bob D said...

I like your bench improvements too. Bill Hall is available and would be an upgrade

ACSmitty79 said...

I can't disagree with any of those moves. I've been wondering why Romero is on the team all year. I think we can count the number of outs he's gotten without going to a 2nd hand.

Aubrey said...

Now that was a ballgame. Good baseball all around in today's win.

GM-Carson said...

I forgot to say who goes when Worley is recalled, the slain member will be Baez Sucks.

Today's game- great. Utley is starting to look good. Howard and Ibanez with clutch hits against an extremely tough lefty reliever- awesome!

Lee- nice!

ripjgarcia said...

Since when does Polanco bat behind cleanup. Charlie is a funny man.

Aubrey said...

Two highlights you forgot to point out:

1 - stellar defensive plays by both Utley and Howard

2 - Joe Buck was NOT commentating on Fox Sports!

GM-Carson said...

Yeah, this Polly batting 5th thing is retarded. He's regarded as the best 2-hole hitter in baseball, so put him there.