Friday, June 10, 2011

About Last Night...

For the love of Kevin Sefcik, what a shit-show that was last night. I don't even know where to begin, but I'll start here - I'm getting tired of the Charlie Manuel-Ruben Amaro "brain trust" completely mismanaging this team. Amaro hasn't optimized the roster and Charlie isn't using what he has to the best of their ability. Last night was the perfect example of this. Consider:

- The team doesn't have a long reliever. That should be Kyle Kendrick but because of the injury to Joe Blanton and the complete mismanagement of Vance Worley, Kendrick has to start. Was his spot on the bullpen filled? No. They added another 1-inning arm instead of somebody who could throw five or six innings after something like, oh I don't know, a RAIN DELAY.

- Despite the bullpen not having a long man and even though Kyle Kendrick was willing, able and prepared to continue pitching after the delay, Manuel took him out. From that moment, the Phils were likely to run out of pitching.

- Despite the team being very close to running out of pitching in a close game, Manuel took out Antonio Bastardo with one out and nobody on in the 8th inning. Total innings pitched for Bastardo - 0.2.

- Despite the team being very close to running out of pitching in a close game, Manuel took out Jose Contreras to start the ninth. Total innings pitched for Contreras - 0.2.

- Despite the team being very close to running out of pitching in a close game, Madson was taken out after the ninth without the need for the pinch hitter. Total innings pitched for Madson - 1.

- Despite the team being very close to running out of pitching in a close game, Manuel pinch-hit for JC Romero in the sixth with two outs and nobody on base with Michael Martinez. Total innings pitched for Romero - 0.1. Chance that this move would result in a run in the sixth inning - 0.0000000000000001%.

- Michael Martinez was used at the second pinch hitter. Apparently, he's their best left handed option off of the bench. Save us Jeebus.

The result of all of this was David Herndon batting with the bases loaded in the 10th inning because the Phils were out of pitchers. Sure, bad Phillies fielding in the 11th lead more directly to this loss, but it was set up waaaaay before that by the decisions of Amaro and Manuel. Of course, in game decision making by the manager rarely effects the outcome of the game, right?

Here's what needs to happen today - 1)Kendrick goes back to the pen as the long reliever, 2)Worley come back into the rotation and 3)Michael Martinez goes away.


Aaron said...

Today is my birthday. I have one wish. I would like to see the Phillies score 4 runs in a baseball game. I'm asking a lot, i know. But if the cubs walk in 3 runs, i think it's possible the Phils could plate one on their own.

Rando said...

AAARRRGGHHHHH!!! The bullpen staff is a cluster f***. Talent uneven, management of it even worse. Why the hell cant these guys go on, or be kept on the mound, for more than an inning (or less) is a total mystery. And I continue to argue that Madson is NOT a closer. And since I am in rant mode, I sure dont get Victorino batting 5th, either. Order should be JR, Vic, Palanco, Howard the K, then Utley (who is a deep threat at least), Ibanez, Ruiz, and whatever other tomatos Chaz puts out there. And pleez, get rid of Sardine-ya. He's two Michael Martinezes smushed into one body.

GM-Carson said...

If Martinez is so valuable because of his versatility then I'd like to see him pitch, because he sure as how can't hit.

Manuel burning through the bullpen was straight up dumb. This is the kinda stuff he pulls that makes me think he is more a handler of men then a manager of a team.

Corey said...

i started to photoshop a charlie manuel-"handler of men" picture, but i stopped. i didn't like the direction it was going...

ripjgarcia said...

Um... You forgot to add Screw Michael Martinez at the bottom. That should stay until he's gone, even if sadly that is November.

Bob D said...

I've never wished a DL trip for anyone before

Andrew said...

and Baez needs to go away... 4 straight appearances giving up a run. 6 runs in 4 games...

GM-Carson said...

This was Corey's post, "Screw Michael Martinez" is my parting wisdom.

GM-Carson said...

I love how people still stick up for Charlies as if last night wasn't his fault. People blinded by fandom piss me off because they attack factual statements, but fail to see anything wrong with their team because it's "their team". I love the Phils, but I ain't blind. Wake up people, and smell the shit that is Michael Martinez.

Corey said...

i'm such a noob. or should i say, I'm SUCH a noob.

carson, remember 1)not to feed the zoo animals and 2)you can't argue with anybody that solely "attacks the straw man" without driving yourself completely nuts in the process.

Corey said...

i was going to point out how disappointing ryan howard's sub-800 OPS is, but then i heard t-mac mention his terrific 49 RBIs. and that was a pretty damn good ground ball to the first baseman earlier. what a GIANT noob i was for even thinking bad thoughts about Mr. RBI.

GM-Carson said...

We can be the Brand Noobians.

I'll calm down now. I just hate being accused of being a "front runner" or "noob".

I'm like Dre, I been up in this game for a long time son.

GM-Carson said...

Howard caught looking with men on 1st and 2nd. No fear though, he has 49 RBI so he's perfect.

SirAlden said...

Top 9th: Chi Cubs
- D. Barney walked
- S. Castro struck out swinging, D. Barney out at second
- A. Bastardo relieved M. Stutes
- C. Pena struck out swinging

Was listening on the Radio.

Was Barney Tagged out or forced out at 2nd Base? Did Utley not have to throw back to 1st? Did Ruiz tag Castro, then throw to Utley who tagged? Never seen this before.

GM-Carson said...

Barney went on what he thought was a wild pitch, but Chooch caroled it in time and gunned it to 2nd where Utley dropped his leg to block the base and tug Barney out. Great play all around.

Great game aside from the 8th inning crapfest of Contreras and Romero. I hate to say it, but it's time to release Romero.

SirAlden said...

Right. Castro is out because 1st Base was occupied.

So Strikeout, thow um out, double play. Thanks GM Carson.

Sadly I agree with you. Romero has nothing left in the tank.

Bob D said...

Revamp bullpen: Baez 1-3 4.11 10BB/14K
Romero 0-0 4.11 12BB/10K
Herndon 0-1 5.30 7BB/8K
all released/sent down
Recall: Worley 4-2 2.33 10/41 for rotation Kendrick back to pen after the DH wednesday
Michael Schwimmer 2-0 1Sv 1.57 15/47
Drew Carpenter 4-0 1.93 8/40

Bring in guys who can throw strikes. Schwimmer is a good prospect give him a chance to see what he has for not only this year but the future too. Carpenter can be the longman, and has decent potential despite not being a top prospect anymore. Keep Brian Gordon 5-0 0.74 ready at AAA. Then promote Defrautus and Aumont to AAA since both are top relief prospects and could be part of the remade bullpen next year.

Aaron said...

It's official. JC was all roids and now the roids are gone. He needs to be released now. He's got absolutely nothing left.

GM-Carson said...

Romero has always been wild and he's old too. He's suffered injuries, and that coupled with his age really take the toll on the body. He's just done. Not because of steroids, just because it's his time.

Bob D- I like your bullpen overhaul.

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