Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WSBGMs Confidence Meters

I made this graphic on Saturday. But after the last two days, I think my confidence is down well into the "David Bell Zone." I was just too busy or lazy to change it last night.

Last night the combined average of the 2 and 3-hole hitters (Valdez and Ibanez) was in the .220s. Not a single player in the lineup last night ended the game batting over .280. The everyday right and left fielders are a combined ~.226. The Cardinals unintentionally intentionally walked Howard the first three times up because they know nobody else was likely to hit a ball out of the infield. During the road trip the team is hitting less than .220. And stats aside, they look pathetic and completely impotent.

No Utley. No Victorino. Four at-bats a night for Pete Orr. And basically nothing from Ibanez, Francisco, and Ruiz. It's pretty bad right now.

Offense Stock - Free. Free fallin'.

Joe Blanton is just back from the DL and is apparently still pitching with elbow discomfort. Roy Oswalt is just off of the DL yesterday, so who knows what he's going to be like in his next start. Cliff Lee walked everything that held a bat yesterday.

But we got Doc and Cole, who are pitching great. And to be fair, Lee is throwing well enough to win more games.

Starting Stock - Stable.

While I gave the offense the benefit of the doubt, I must have been in a bad move when I created the bullpen graphic. Either that or I just watched Danys Baez pitch, which is more likely.

Lidge on the DL. Contreras on the DL. But credit to the Phils for holding it together relatively well. Honestly, I think my confidence is down because 1) I still remember David Herndon 2) Romero and Baez really do look like garbage and 3) there is no depth. Props to Madson and Bastardo (and Worley, so far) but they need some help down there.

Bullpen Stock - Rising slowly.


GM-Carson said...

With the way Stutes is pitching, it could be Baez being released when Lidge is activated. Contreras might be ready soon, and that means demotion for Mathieson.

The offense is horrible. I do remember a certain somebody breaking it down before the season started and pointed to game just like this that the team would be losing 3-2 and 3-1. But I was called nasty names. Where you punk ass bitches at now?

I hate to be right, but I am.

Ben said...

I had a dream last night. It was
Then I woke up

Ben said...

Until names like Orr, Matinez, Ibanez and benny fresh are gone, we suck

ripjgarcia said...

I am nearly 100% not ready to hand the ninth inning back to Lidge or Contreras. Madson finally looks like he might be able to handle it, and if so, is a far better option.

Bob D said...

Offense- they need a right handed power bat. Francisco and Mayberry maybe ok but they don't seem to be everyday players - maybe good role players.

Bullpen has been good. Romero and Baez allow way too many baserunners and allow too many walks. But Madson, Bastardo, and Stutes have been very good. With Contreras coming back they will be stronger and if Lidge replaces Baez then that will be a plus even if he can't throw the ball to homeplate.

Amaro may need to wave his magic wand again soon.

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies need a bat, a good bat.

Imagine Lance Berkman in LF right now. Oh, that would be nice.

May is going to show the Phils weakness. They played an easy April schedule.

GM-Carson said...

Mark Reynolds with another Howard last night, now with 3.

Dr. Steve said...

When Lidge comes off the DL, my bullpen confidence meter goes all the way down to Ugueth Urbina.

GM-Carson said...

Great post by Todd Zolecki. The gist of it- if the Phils score 4 or more runs, they win. If they score 3 or fewer, good chance at a loss.

The Phils offense sucks! Really sucks! Like I said before the season- we're going to have a bunch of great ERA's come seasons end, but those pitchers won't have the almight win totals.

SirAlden said...

Joe Table a C?

Great Grafix aside from that.


Scary Offense.

Bob D said...

And Stutes gets hurt - grrrr

They need 4 outs per inning to score more than 1

Howard with the mighty K

ripjgarcia said...

So I hop in my car and hear this as the first thing out of the announcer's mouth. "If they get to the pitcher's spot they have Danys Baez (Sucks) up in the bullpen". I have a good cry, and drive off into the sunset.

Bob D said...

Baez did well - he got one out as he kept hitting bats. Bases loaded with JC "I cant throw strikes" Romero coming in to finish this off

Bob D said...

One JC Romero pitch and its over

Bob D said...

Baez Sucks!

Bob D said...

Romero Sucks!

Bob D said...

Time to bench Flyball Francisco

Nikole said...

Martinez must go
beaz must go
romero must go, he was all roids in 2008 and now he is off them and sucks.

Call up Brown

Francisco must go to the bench....that is where he belongs.


ripjgarcia said...

Baez has no business being in close games anyway more and really no business being on this team.

ACSmitty79 said...

If they had gone after 1 additional bat this offseason--just 1, i wouldn't complain. And now while we're all clamoring for a move, i think we actually need 2 bats to be safe.

GM-Carson said...

Amaro is all about being the biggest cock in the chicken coop. He wants to make the big splash- Halladay, Oswalt, Lee (twice).

How about making some smaller moves that will aid the offense?!

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