Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wilson Valdez- I Am Legend

Wilson Valdez just cemented his place in Philadelphia Phillies lore by becoming the first position player to start the game in the field then pitch in relief and win the game since Babe Ruth did it back in 1921 (90 friggin' years ago!). He also went 3-6 with a walk, to go along with his scoreless 19th inning he worked. Just like Matt Stairs and the Moon Shot and Roy Oswalt manning LF, he now becomes a legend.

Fun Facts and Thoughts:
*Wilson Valdez now has more wins this season than John Danks, Jo-Jo Reyes, Tim Stauffer, and Ubaldo Jiminez, who all have 8 or more starts. Of course Zack Grienke has out-homered him, but whatever.

*Carlos Ruiz played 3rd base for the 2nd time in his career (also did it for an inning back in '08).

*Danys Baez pitched 5 innings of scoreless baseball. Yep, he's earned his given name back with that yeoman's effort.

*600 total pitches were thrown last night by the Reds and Phillies pitchers.

*Kyle Kendrick struck out both batters he faced last night. He only had 8 K's in 24.2 IP coming into the game.

*Perhaps Amaro was right, in that Domonic Brown isn't ready. Albeit in a small sample size, but he looks completely outmatched (1 hit in 14 AB).

*The Phillies have to play a game today at 1:05. It's time for one of those Cliff Lee complete game shutout gems.

*Jose Contreras is ready to be activated from the DL. Demoting Herndon would make sense, plus they get a fresh arm in the bullpen.

*The Phillies have the best BB:K ratio in the Majors (135:409), but have 3 pitchers on the staff with more walks than strikeouts (JC Romero, David Herndon, and Kyle Kendrick).

*Since the beginning of 2009, JC Romero has walked more batters than he has struck out in each season, totaling 50 walks to only 47 K's in 65.1 IP. That's bad.



Bob D said...

Valdez threw more strikes in less pitches than JC Romero

Brown did hit a few shot that got caught, so give him time. All of the OF seem to be doing just a bit better lately.

They may need Contreras today since the pen is wiped out, I blame that on Halladay not being able to pitch atleast 17 innings.

And Michael Martinez is just awesome - did you see him line out to the left feilder? If it wasnt for the OF playing shallow like it was a little leaguer at bat, that would have been a single.

GM-Carson said...

Bob D- your sarcasm astounds me and makes me smile.

Corey said...

baez pitches five innings in a win? baez and herndon combine for 7+ innings without giving up a run against a legit offense? that is weirder than valdez getting the win.

re: dom brown - i'm still undecided on his 2011 potential. he's hit some hard balls the last few games but at times he looks completely over-matched by fastballs in and off-speed away. but right now, i'd rather see him in the lineup versus righties than ben francisco.

also, i like that the worst offensive performance last night was by scott rolen (0-7). unfortunately, the other 4+ AB O-fers belonged to phillies (brown, martninez both 0-4)

can't wait to see how combines homer simpson and beetle bailey to represent the reds' starter for today...

GM-Carson said...

Batting averages of the first 3 hitters in the Phils lineup today- Martinez .171, Brown .071, Utley .111.

That sickens me.

Corey said...

homer bailey

best i could do in 30 minutes...

Dr. Steve said...

You can't back down on Brown. He's not going to learn how to hit Major League hitting in the minors, he just isn't.

GM-Carson said...

Oh, I don't want Brown demoted. He's proven himself in the minors and it's time he proves himself in the majors. 14 at bats ain't enough. Neither is 30. He needs about 100 at bats or so to start getting a feel for it.

Also, Contreras was activated and Herndon was sent down.

Bob D said...

I agree Brown needs some time to play and see how he does. He has hit a few pretty hard lately and maybe settling in now.

Carson, if I was GM todays headline would be Halladay get win in 19 inning complete game. If I'm paying you $20 mil then you better play till your arm falls off.

A bit surprised that Herndon went down (seems like they love him) but Stutes has been great so far.

GM-Carson said...

Stutes has been great.

Lee's double with the bases loaded was much needed.

Thankfully Dusty Baker essentially gave up on this game after Homer Bailey left the game.

ACSmitty79 said...

"*Since the beginning of 2009, JC Romero has walked more batters than he has struck out in each season, totaling 50 walks to only 47 K's in 65.1 IP. That's bad."

--Clearly he needs a return trip to Vitamin World @ Cherry Hill Mall.

ripjgarcia said...

Even though Clifton hasn't been exactly the pitcher we were all hoping for, he's a gamer, I like that, and I salute him for it.

Bob D said...

Valdez pitching is like Oswalt playing Leftfield