Monday, May 16, 2011

What Makes a Winning Casino Game Guide?

*The following is a sponsored post.

With ever-surging popularity in online casino gambling, the web is increasingly inundated with casino guides which are the same, and not all are equally beneficial. Here's how to identify the ones worth your trust.

Some of these sites contain casino game guides detailing how to play each game you might encounter at an online casino - e.g. roulette, blackjack, craps or slots. Some will even delve further than the mere basics to explore strategies for wagering and winning at these various games.

Many of these sites also offer reviews of various online casinos, along with the most current online casino bonuses for each of these sites. A bonus code will usually entitle you to a match bonus of a certain percentage (sometimes as much as 100% or more) on a deposit made into a real money account on the site. The bonus codes a guide provides should be accurate and current. If ever you try to make use of a bonus code from a casino guide that doesn't work - either because it's out of date or flatly incorrect - you have every reason to suspect that other information provided by that guide might be out of date or incorrect. Remember, with so many casino guides online, you never have to settle for the first one you find.

Casino game guides with a review but no bonus code, or vice-versa, is not as useful as a more comprehensive guide that provides unbiased reviews of the sites and their latest bonus codes. How do you tell if a review is unbiased, by the way?

By looking for the unfavorable information in the review. It's easy to extol the virtues of an online casino in the hopes of convincing you to sign up at the site. But it takes much more effort (and integrity) to tell you the good and the bad about each site reviewed, to give you a clear, comprehensive and well-rounded view of the sites you may consider joining.


Anonymous said...

Really WSBGMS, how much did you get paid for this post? Time to read a different Phils blog since you guys can't even say it was a sponsored post.

GM-Carson said...

That's why I posted over it right away. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

GM-Carson, you bastard. Just think of the hardship you caused that poor commenter. They probably had to read almost a whole paragraph to figure out this wasn't a Phillies/Pirates/baseball article. Your greed has gone too far. You should give that person half of what you got to post the advertisement as reparations.

Moreover, I question your morals and values as a human being after this stunt. Trying to get us, the loyal reader, to view advertisements! With our eyes! By reading! How dare you! You don't see television, or newspapers, or magazines, or every site on the internet doing this. Why would you?

I also will be finding a new Phillies blog where I can read Phillies news free from any form of capitalism. Wish me luck.

GM-Carson said...

2nd Anonymous- I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

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