Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Series Preview - Rockies

Colorado Rockies (22-18) @ Philadelphia Phillies (25-16)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Wednesday, 7:00, Jorge De La Rosa vs. Cole Hamels
Thursday, 7:05, Jhoulys Chacin vs. Joe Blanton

Rockies Bats:
AVG - .239 (25th)
OBP - .320 (15th)
SLG - .387 (18th)
R - 182 (10th)

Todd Helton is back to being Todd Helton (.322/.917) and he is a notorious Phillie killer (.371/1.118 in 81 G). Troy Tulowitzki might not have the average (.255), but he still has the power (11 homeruns). Role players Jonathan Herrera (.282/.757) and Seth Smith (.280/.832) are doing well for an otherwise lackluster Colorado offense. Major disappointment- CarGo (aka Carlos Gonzalez) who is only batting .234/.704, after nearly winning the MVP last year.

Rockies Pitching:
ERA - 3.99 (19th)
WHIP - 1.30 (12th)
BAA - .244 (11th)

Over the years the Rox haven't been known for their pitching, but they've made major improvements in recent years. Tonight's starter, De La Rosa, leads the team with 5 wins and has a respectable 3.70 ERA. Which means he's pitching a shutout tonight against the Phils. Tomorrow it doesn't get any easier, as Chacin takes the mound with a 2.89 ERA. Believe it or not, these are Colorado's two best starters (better than Ubaldo Jimenenz), and the unlucky Phils get them both.

In the bullpen closer Huston Street has racked up 14 saves and setup man Rafael Bentancourt has 12 holds. Matt Lindstrom has been fantastic, sporting a 1.56 ERA. Overall, everyone on the Rockies staff is pitching well outside of reliever Felipe Paulino. Pray we see him in the 6th inning.

Considering the Phillies offense sucks and they will be facing 2 lefties, I'm predicting a sweep for the Rockies. Tonight's score will be something like 3-2 and tomorrow's 6-1. Pathetic.


GM-Carson said...

Apparently I'm a "fraud" for predicting a 2 game sweep by the Rockies. Some tough guy on Facebook typed as much.


Phillies offense has been horrendous. They're on a 4 game losing streak. Does Charlie Manuel have a magic wand I'm unaware of?

Why is being realistic equal fraud? People need to get real and stop think the Phillies are infallible.

GM-Carson said...

You know, I'm not catering to all these band wagon fans that have shown up in the past years. I don't sugarcoat shit, because it's still shit in the end. Just because I tell it like it is, doesn't mean I don't love the Phillies. I'm tired of people getting their tight-whities in a bunch because you "bad mouth" the team. Pointing out deficiencies does not make me evil. Expecting my team not to win doesn't make me unfaithful. Loosen up assholes or you're going to be pooping diamonds.

Corey said...

the phils lose a few games and it's nothing but drama. i've seen this before.

GM-Carson said...

Save the drama for your momma.

Offense still sucks, but Phils win. Hey, losing streak is over.

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies offense is in the bottom 3rd in the Majors. Problem?

They only have 32 homeruns, which is ranked right near the bottom. Problem?

Bob D said...

Contreras will be back soon he has a 40.50 ERA in his rehab appearance yesterday

GM-Carson said...

I'm starting to get pissed about Dom Brown being in Triple-A. C'mon already. It's time he proves himself at the MLB level for an extended time.

Bob D said...

Don't worry, it wont be long. If it wasn't for that set back with the thumb sprain he likely would be up this week. I'm thinking next week we will see both him and Utley back. Also hear that Cuddyler could be a trade target with Minnesota - a good right handed bat that can play 1B, 2B, 3B & OF

GM-Carson said...

I'd take Cuddyer. Lets offer them Blanton.

Also, The Howard standings have been consolidated now that 2 players have 2+. The full standing are lower in the left sidebar.