Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Series Preview- Nationals (Part 2)

Washington Nationals (14-14) @ Philadelphia Phillies (18-9)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Tuesday, 7:05, Livan Hernandez v. Cole Hamels
Wednesday, 7:05, Jason Marquis v. Vance Worley
Thursday, 7:05, John Lannan v. Roy Halladay

The Gnats Bats:
AVG - .227 (29th)
SLG - .349 (26th)
OBP - .304 (24th)

The Nationals suck at hitting. Many factors play into this: Ryan Zimmerman's prolonged DL stint, Jayson Werth under performing (.233/.742), Adam LaRoche with his typical early season struggles, Rick Ankiel as the starting CF, and the list goes on. The only guys doing well are part-time players: catcher Wilson Ramos (.357/.975) and UTL Laynce Nix (.316/.912). The Phillies pitchers should not have a problem putting the clamps down on this offense.

The Gnats Pitching:
ERA - 3.40 (8th)
WHIP - 1.26 (11th)
BAA - .251 (19th)

Washington's pitching staff is surprisingly good. Tonight's starter Livan Hernandez (3.23 ERA) is a righthanded version of Jamie Moyer, and for that I give him credit. He's figured out a way to battle batters with a bunch of slow junk. Marquis is having a bounce back year thus far (2.62 ERA), and seeing that he's a sinkerball pitcher, I'm thinking the Phils struggle against him. Lannan is a decent pitcher, but he sucks against the Phils (0-9, 5.80 ERA, and Phils batters have gone .311/.908 facing him), so at least one win is guaranteed in this series. Lefty specialist Doug Slaten has made 12 appearances without allowing a run. Closer Drew Storen is showing why he was rushed to the Majors. Setup man Tyler Clippard continues to be a beast (19 IP, 21 K, 1.42 ERA).

A low scoring series, because of each team's deficiencies on offense and solid pitching staffs. Phils take 2 outta 3.


Joseph said...

Break out the brooms. Clean sweep for the Legion of Broom. Then we can lend it to Boston to sweep out the south phily hockey trash.

Sorry, nothing upsets me more than seeing a flyers jrsey at a Phillies game.

GM-Carson said...

If Ibanez goes hitless again tonight, I'm thinking WSBGMs should start a post for predictions of how long the streak will last (games, date, at bats).

Anonymous said...

Lannan also leads the Natinals in the ever-popular "most Phillies batters hit-by-pitch".

ripjgarcia said...

If Ibanez goes hitless for too much longer the fans are going to start throwing batting tees onto the field.

Preserve Jon said...

Hernandez has good career numbers against the Phils. Lot of fastball hitters on this team and as the GMs pointed out, he only throws slow, slower, and eephus.

Corey said...

i'm so excited to watch raul go hitless tonight.

Utility Derek said...

my prediction is the Ibanez will go 2-4 tonight with 1 RBI and 1 run scored. Hamels will go 6 1/3 innings with giving up 3 runs. Phillies win 5-3. Star of the game. Howard..home run and 3 rbi's.

Jack said...

how long will Uncle Cholly make us wait for DB while Ibanez stinks up the joint?

GM-Carson said...

This Cole Hamels guy is pretty good.

GM-Carson said...

I'm pissed that Raul got a hit tonight, actually 2. I was really hoping he'd break the futility streak...just as long as the Phils kept winning.

Bob D said...

Desi Relaford's team 0-36 is safe for now