Monday, May 09, 2011

Series Preview- Florida Marlins (Part 2)

Philadelphia Phillies (22-11) @ Florida Marlins (20-13)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Monday, Joe Blanton vs. Javier Vazquez
Tuesday, Roy Halladay vs. Josh Johnson
Wednesday, Cliff Lee vs. Ricky Nolasco
*All games at 7:10

Fish Offense:
AVG - .254 (13th)
OBP - .329 (8th)
SLG - .397 (11th)
R - 152 (9th)

Hanley Ramirez and young slugger Mike Stanton were supposed to be the leaders of this offense, but have underperformed so far. Hanley is struggling mightily (.195/.554) and Stanton has just recently fully healed from a quad injury and is striking out at a high rate (33 K's in 30 G). Where these two have failed the Marlins, Gaby Sanchez has not, batting .328/.926 with 5 HR, 21 R, and 20 RBI while becoming a top-tier NL firstbaseman. Emilo Bonerface Bonafacio is filling in nicely (.316/.823) for the injured Logan Morrison. Phillies castoff, Greg Dobbs, continues to impress as well (.359/.911), seeing more and more playing time at 3rd base.

Fish Pitching:
ERA - 3.41 (10th)
WHIP - 1.24 (8th)
BAA - .231 (5th)

Main setup man Clay Hensley just hit the DL, but the Marlins have plenty of other fish in the sea. Closer Leo Nunez has 11 saves and a 2.70 ERA. Lefty Mike Dunn has 2 wins, 4 holds, 16 K in 13.1 IP, and a 1.35 ERA. Lefty specialist Randy Choate is holding left-handed batters to a .118 average and has struck out 10 of the 17 he's faced (sorry Howard). Another Phillies castoff is doing stellar work for the Marlins, Brian Sanches has an impressive 1.72 ERA and 0.96 WHIP in 15.2 IP. On the starting side of things the Phils get lucky in opening the series with Vazquez (6.39 ERA, 1.81 WHIP) and better take advantage of it, because things get drastically more difficult after tonight. The premier pitching match-up of Halladay and Johnson is must see tv. Doc is the best pitcher in the game, in my opinion, but Johnson is no slouch himself (1.68 ERA, 0.85 WHIP). Finishing things off on Wednesday is the hard-nosed Nolasco who has a tidy 3.23 ERA and a spotless record (3-0).

Facing better competition means less wins for the Phightins (exhibit A- weekend series against Braves). The Phillies offense is pathetic 5-9 in the lineup, and the Fish will magnify that with their top-notch pitching staff. Phils eek out 1 win and hang their heads leaving Florida.


ripjgarcia said...

Blanton's first game back with no rehab plus the 6,7,8 combo of Gload, Orr, and Schneider = probable fail.

GM-Carson said...

Blanton pisses me off. He has the golden opportunity to cruise through this season as this team #5 starter, but so far he stinks.

2 runs surrendered already. Give me Worley instead.

ripjgarcia said...

Speaking of being pissed off. I am tired of seeing players loaf down to first base on ground balls. I can't tell you how many times I saw this in the Braves series... Hello! Dan Uggla is a horrible fielder. You should be hustling everytime. But no. Whatever.

GM-Carson said...

Hustling down the line on even routine ground balls causes the fielders to hurry, and hurrying leads to errors. Hustle you sons a bitches!!!

Bobby Cox would bench their asses.

ripjgarcia said...

Great. So now Kendrick get's the nod at start while Oswalt's out. Why do they screw with young guys like this. Either send him back to AAA or start Worley. No business putting him into the bullpen. Such bullshit.

GM-Carson said...

Blanton only gave up 3 runs in 5 innings, but he pitched horribly. He was bailed out by 4 double plays.

Worley in the bullpen is bullshit. He's a promising starting pitcher. Don't mess with him.

Corey said...

worley batting with a runner on third in the eight inning of a three run game? i'm confused.

GM-Carson said...

so is Manuel

Bob D said...

Was Worley wearing Gload's jersey or something?