Monday, May 23, 2011

One Headlight - Chase Utley Remix

So long ago, I don't remember when
That's when we lost our great second baseman
Well they say he can’t run freely due to some wacko disease
As the doctors look at both his ailing knees

I seen the sun comin' up on the Brighthouse Network Field
The long rehab to get fully healed
A-league at bats seem such a waste
The ladies like his pretty face
When will he come on back to take his place

Hey, come on try a little!
No one’s hit forever
There's got to be someone better to play up the middle
But Chuck and Rube Amaro
Can wait ‘til tomorrow
Cuz they can fix it all
With one Utley


ACSmitty79 said...

That works!

GM-Carson said...

I just cried a little.

ripjgarcia said...

Toughen up, buttercup.

GM-Carson said...

Who was sent down when Utley was activated?

GM-Carson said...

Nevermind, I see they optioned Pete Orr to Lehigh Valley.

Orr didn't do anything all that well while in Philly, he was batting .230/.577.

Of course that's way better than Michael Martinez who still remains on the 25-man roster (.194/.431).

I hate that Martinez is on this roster. The offense sucks! You need to try and fill it with as many threats as possible. Not a piece of no-hitting shit like Mini-Mart.

ripjgarcia said...

Orr doesn't play outfield though. Too bad he can't hit. Guy hustles his ass off from what I've seen.

ripjgarcia said...

If Scott Posednik gets a few hits below I think you'll see Mr. Martinez back in the Nationals system soon.

Preserve Jon said...

I had another variation in mind, if you'll permit me...

Shady's Back

Orr and Martinez go round the outside,round the outside, round the outside.

Orr and Martinez go round the outside,round the outside, round the outside.

Guess who's back, back again?
Utley's back, tell a friend!
Guess who's back, Utley's back,
Utley's back, Utley's back...

I've created a monster, cuz nobody wants to see Valdez no more they want Utley

Orr's chopped liver
Well if you want Utley, then this is what RA'll give ya
A little bit of Orr mixed with some Mar-tin-ez, Some Valdez to try to jump-start the lineup

Don't be shocked - where you shocked - at the hospital
That they suck cuz it's not cooperating

When Utley's rocking the table while he's swinging "Hey"
You waited this long for him to come back

Well he's back, off the DL and awaiting. I know you got a job Mr. Manuel

But your job is complicated
So his knees won't let Utley be
Or let the lineup be so let me see
They tried to shut us down on and off TV But it feels so empty without Utley

So come on dip, bum on your lips
f*** that snuff on your lips and some on your kicks
And get ready cuz this sh*t's about to get heavy
Utley just settled the roster, "batting 3rd baby!"

Now this looks like a job for Utley
So everybody just follow me
Cuz we've had enough controversy,
Cuz it feels so empty without Utley.

I said this looks like a job for Utley
So everybody just follow me
Cuz we're done with all the controversy,
Cuz it feels so empty without Utley

GM-Carson said...

Preserve John- that is being stolen and used for later this afternoon. Brilliant!

Bob D said...

Best senario = Victorino and Schneider back/ Sardihna and Martinez gone, Contreras and Lidge back/ Baez and Herndon gone. Blanton back/gets traded Worley gets prolonged look at 5th spot with Kendrick the backup. But remember Blanton has been a good 2nd half pitcher throughout his career.