Saturday, May 07, 2011

No Kendrick. No Kendrick. Stop!!

Could you imagine taking out at starting pitcher after five innings, two hits and zero runs? Not usually. But luckily for Phillies fans, Kyle Kendrick usually doesn't start games.

Fuqua played a whammie-free game of "Press Your Luck" for five innings. But just like "The Gambler," he knew when to "walk away." When the dealin' was done the Phillies had a 3-0 victory.

WSBGMs doesn't miss a chance to point out the numerous in-game Fuqua failures but this time his unconventional move was successful. So, props to Fuqua for knowing when to yank Kendrick.

And I guess props to Kyle Kenrick for not sucking. Now get back to the bullpen.
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Dr. Steve said...

That may be the best picture ever.

GM-Carson said...

Kendrick surprised and impressed me last night. It's good to know the Phils have fallback plans (KK & Worley) when a starting pitcher goes down.

Oh, the Howard homerun was a friggin shout. Wow!