Friday, May 06, 2011

Injuries, Beer, and Random Picture

*Roy Oswalt has a sore back and will not make his scheduled start on Saturday. Instead Kyle Kendrick gets the ball.

*Chooch remains laid up with a bad back too, but Amaro is reluctant to DL him, which leaves the Phillies a man short.

*Joe Blanton will likely be activated from the DL on Monday and start that night. Subsequently, Vance Worley is sadly demoted, unless Oswalt hits the DL.

*Chase Utley heads to Clearwater and will begin extended spring training games tomorrow. This lineup sure could use an infusion of Utley.

*Charlie Manuel stubbed his finger on the bat rack last night in the 6th inning, which caused a hangnail. When Fuqua did his patented hands plunged down pants managing later that inning his hangnail caught a pubic hair and caused a painful plucking incident. He's listed as day-to-day.

Here are the names for the WSBGMs beer. Vote for your favorite.


Anonymous said...

Once the beer is named, where can we drink it?

Corey said...

a pilsner is a type of lager, so any name with "ale" in it should be immediately disqualified.

and the name "pitch out pilsner" might be the most accurate name if the beer sucks.

ripjgarcia said...

WTF is Scott Barry still doing umpiring.

Bob D said...

Scott Barry in Philly??? Wow I thought he was banned from Philly

C.M.R. said...

trade for a bat.

Nikole said...

well that was a stellar game tonight....
Oswalt hurt
chooch hurt
polanco hurt
utley hurt
lidge hurt
blanton hurt
contreras hurt

I know they are an old team but they aren't senior citizens....this is ridiculous.

Oswalt said his back was bothering him in the San Diego start?.........Then get out of the game!!!!!!!!!
I'm so damn tired of theses guys getting hurt and then like 3 weeks later admitting.......oh yeah i felt it 3 weeks ago but i thought i could gut it our......
Freakin idiots.

GM-Carson said...

This offense got dominated by a man legally drunk on the mound. Pathetic.

Baez Sucks sucks. He should be the next to go. Oh yeah, Michael Martinez too. With a team struggling for offense, what is his purpose.

I'm predicting Braves sweep over Phils.

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