Monday, May 09, 2011

Frandsen vs. Martinez

Rule 5 pick Michael Martinez is about as useless as a player can be at the MLB level. His main value lies in his versatility and speed. The 28 year old has only played 33 games above Double-A in 5 minor league seasons, and owns a .263/.683 minor league line. Showing no power or on base skills. Just the ability to play multiple positions. While Martinez continues to soak up a big league paycheck and at bats, Kevin Frandsen rots away at Lehigh Valley. Let's compare the two...

Frandsen - 28
Martinez - 28

MLB Stats:
Frandsen - .243/.636, 65 R, 29 2B, 1 3B, 7 HR, 53 RBI, 6 SB in 228 games
Martinez - .158/.396, 1 R, 1 RBI in 16 games

Minor League Stats:
Frandsen - .311/.821, 293 R, 111 2B, 12 3B, 31 HR, 216 RBI, 44 SB in 436 games
Martinez - .263/.683, 272 R, 95 2B, 26 3B, 20 HR, 208 RBI, 82 SB in 549 games

Positions Played:
Frandsen - 2nd, SS, 3rd, 1B, OF
Martinez - 2nd, SS, 3rd, OF

As you can see by the statistical evidence, at both the minor and MLB levels, Fransden is every bit as versatile as Martinez and is the superior offensive player. Upside should not be an argument for keeping Martinez, because Frandsen is only a few months older and has outperformed him in every area aside from stolen bases. Martinez is a switch hitter, but he can't hit from either side of the plate, so who gives a shit. With the Phillies struggling to score runs, every at bat matters, and if you're going to give somebody a spot start or use them as a pinch hitter, then you should be using the one that actually has a chance at doing something good.

Of course, there's always Domonic Brown (11 G, .390/1.200, 11 R, 4 HR, 9 RBI in the minors), but he only plays outfield and is an actual threat at the plate. So, that makes too much sense.


Corey said...

when chase utley comes back, wilson valdez will return to the bench and michael martinez will either be sold back or sent down. same would happen to frandsen. neither will be here much longer.

GM-Carson said...

Call Dom Brown up, get rid of Martinez.

When Utley returns, bye-bye Orr.

Of course, we could always go with a 11-man pitching staff too and keep an extra bat around.

Rising Sun said...

Dom's wasting his time in AAA. Raul is wasting our's in the bigs. How long does he wait in AAA?

As for Martinez, he's useless, and it would be a shame if he holds up a roster spot, and makes us send down either Orr or Mayberry to keep him. As I see it, we send them down in this order:

Chooch returns- Sardinha goes.
Oswalt returns- Worley goes (for now).
Contreras returns- bye-bye Mathieson.
Utley returns- do something else with Martinez, even if you lose him.
Lidge returns- I guess send down Stutes for the moment? Tougher call.

As for Brown, I'm fine with sending Orr down or releasing Raul. We all know which they'll do though.

GM-Carson said...

Rising Sun- I like your thinking for the most part.

*Ruiz activated/Sardinha down
*Utley activated/Orr down
*Brown called up/Martinez offered back
*Oswalt activated/Worley down
*Contreras activated/Mathieson down
*Lidge activated/Stutes down, unless he's doing awesome and Baez continues to suck, in which case Baez released

Rising Sun said...

I'm not in disagreement there. Stutes is the future out in the 'pen.

Nikole said...

Dude seriously. It's time to call up Dom Brown and let him play everyday. Not platoon him, play him everyday.

Rising Sun said...

I agree with Nikole.

GM-Carson said...

Dom Brown has proven himself in the minors. Time to give him the full-time gig in the Majors. Platoon Benny Fran and Ibanez.

Ben said...

Did we get kicked off facebook cause that dude called me a bagged dick or whatever..? Hillarious. I am right outside of harrisburg.