Thursday, May 12, 2011

Frandsen a Druggie

The Michael Martinez for Kevin Frandsen swap I suggested a few days ago is a no-go. Why? Frandsen is on the juice Ritalin. Unless you have ADHD, ain't no reason to be taking that stuff. He is now suspended for 50 games and likely released from the Phillies farm system. Dumbass!

Meanwhile, the Phils were able to limp out of Miami with a series win. Brian Schneider blew a tire and will likely be DL'd when Carlos Ruiz is activated on Friday. With an old club comes injuries and injuries the Phillies have sustained. Utley, Brown, Oswalt, and Chooch all look to be ready soon though, so watch out.

Enjoy the off day. Watch some Grey's Anatomy in place of baseball tonight instead.


Dr. Steve said...

I don't know what time is supposed to exist in baseball if "32" is considered aging. The Phillies are only an "old" team because their players are on contract for a while. But as it stands, they are not.

ripjgarcia said...

What is Gray's Anatomy?

GM-Carson said...

Grey's Anatomy is my guilty pleasure. Not ashamed to admit it.

Dr. Steve- by age, I do believe the Phillies are the oldest team in baseball.

Rising Sun said...

This is certainly not a young team. They get a lot younger quickly with Dom Brown, Vance Worley and Mike Stutes here. Just saying....

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