Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Fantasy Football + Beer = Good

We Should Be GMs received the following email yesterday...



"Bud Light Fantasy is a multi-city media and promotion program that challenges football lovers to get involved in their community" - David Luber, CEO College Mansion

Philadelphia, PA (May 3, 2011) - College Mansion, a leading experiential marketing company under the Mansion Minds Media Network has partnered with Bud Light to roll out an interactive, consumer-based marketing program around the 2011-2012 professional football season. Beginning today, female consumers ages 21+ can sign-up at for the chance to be featured in their participating city's 2012 Bud Light Fantasy Calendar. Upon registration, the online community can vote and recommend on who they believe is the city's most desirable free agent. The top two Bud Light Fantasy winners in each participating market will receive an all-expense paid cruise to the Bahamas.

Starting August 1st, consumers (male and female alike) will also have the chance to participate in the Bud Light Fantasy "Pick'ems" component. Each participant will have the ability to set up their own profile and professional team on Every week during the season participants will visit to pick all the games heads up. There are no spreads or points systems to learn. One (1) point will be awarded for each game that was picked correctly. Zero (0) points will be awarded for each game that was picked incorrectly. Points will accumulate and at the end of the regular season the team with the most points in each market will be crowned the 2011 Bud Light Fantasy Winner and will receive a VIP Super Bowl party thrown in their honor sponsored by College Mansion and Bud Light.

College Mansion and Bud Light want to reward "Team Pride" and creativity during the 2011 football season. Upload your wildest "Team Pride" photos on and Rob Gronkowski, Tight End of the New England Patriots will pick a winner at the end of the '11-'12 season. The ultimate "NFL Experience Package" will be awarded to the most creative fan. To find out what the ultimate prize package is, log on periodically to

Get up-to-date, real-time information regarding Bud Light Fantasy on Twitter @College_Mansion (

Facebook keyword: College Mansion presents Bud Light Fantasy

- College Mansion Presents: Bud Light Fantasy 2011

- Bud Light Fantasy is an interactive program that challenges sports fans to get involved in their community as well as provide a platform for aspiring and established models

- Final on-online destination for both male and female football fans for the 2011-2012

- Participate and WIN big! There are several components of Bud Light Fantasy that offer local consumers the chance to win the ultimate prize

- Football fans can stay informed of what bar the Bud Light Fantasy girls will be at every Sunday

- Participating markets: Philadelphia, Central/South Jersey, Delaware, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Seattle, and Denver.

Name That Beer:
While we're on the subject of beer, you may have heard that Zoo With Roy will be having a beer brewed by Iron Hill Brewery. I must admit, I'm jealous. What's a brotha to do? Brew my own beer of course. I've made roughly 15 beers in the past year and half, but have not yet done one in honor of We Should Be GMs. Tonight, that changed. Description- a classic pilsner with fruity aroma from Nelson Sauvin and Challenger hops with a sweet twist of Indian Sarsaparilla.

Anyway, it needs a name, and I'm leaving that up to the WSBGMs readers. Submit entries in comments section, via email, or on our Facebook page. I'll pick the winner and create a logo. Have fun!


GM-Carson said...

Pitch-Out Pilsner

Bob D said...

The Fuqua. Stay thirsty my friends.

GM-Carson said...

Bob D might just have the winner. There were some submission on Facebook already too.

GM-Carson said...

From Facebook:
*4 Aces Ale
*Call it ZWRII. Zoo With Roy just made a beer too.
*4B BREW , in honor of Betty,Brett,Bruntlett & Burrell
*Simspons Didit Ale
*Baez Sucks Stale Pale Ale

Kevin said...

Ian Laperrieale: It's like a hop slapshot to the face (would probably work better if it was an IPA, but whatever).

ripjgarcia said...

This is all I got.

Phantastic Philsner

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