Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cole Hamels is The Man

Cole Hamels is the man. Anyone that ever suggested differently is a total tool. To begin the season he was cast as the 4th best starter in a glamorous rotation. He's proving to be worthy of a higher seed, like directly behind Halladay. I'm man enough to say it- I love you man!


*The Howard standings have been consolidated and moved lower on the left sidebar. Mark Reynolds and Matt Kemp each have multiple Howards and sit alone in the leaders section in the upper left sidebar.

*Kyle Kendrick's stolen 2008 World Series ring was found in the bottom of a swamp near his Mount Vernon home inside a Mentos container. WTF? Do you think his wifey got pissed at him and tried to teach him a lesson, or was it insurance fraud?

*Jose Contreras got lit up in 2/3 of an inning yesterday pitching for the Single-A Clearwater Threshers. Wonder how Baez Sucks would have faired?


Anonymous said...

kendrick not blanton tonight...not much of an upgrade

GM-Carson said...

What happened to Blanton?

Can't believe Kendrick gave a bomb up to the corpse of Jason Giambi.

ripjgarcia said...

Bring back Worley.

GM-Carson said...

How long am I supposed to stay calm about this offense, or lack thereof?

Bob D said...

Blanton and Victorino to DL?
Belliard or D. Young to be called up - and not Brown. I guess we will see another 2 weeks of Martinez hitting out of the 2nd spot in the lineup.

Time to put the AED pads on the phils lineup and seem if it says shock advised or if its too late.

Golden Girls where are you? We need your help! Jobu help us! The bats have fallen asleep.

GM-Carson said...

Dose of Golden Girls may have to make an appearance later today.

I can't believe they're going to keep playing Martinez. I know almost everyone in the lineup sucks, but he sucks the most.

Call up Brown!!!

ACSmitty79 said...

I know we're an older team, but we may have the worst training staff in all of sports. Why does it take 4 days for Victorino to get an MRI? Why wasn't somebody called up in case they likely found something in the MRI (so Cliff Lee isn't pinch hitting)? Why is Victorino pinch hitting when he's injured? He's not Kirk Gibson. Why is Blanton Pitching when he's hurt? Why is Oswalt clearing trees and brush with a bad back? Why is Utley being rushed back (Ok that's obvious but still).

Some of the decisions this team is making these last 6 months looks a lot like all of the phils decisions pre-2008.

I know Amaro is eventually going to make a deal but does he have to wait until Halliday loses his 5th or 6th complete game and We're in 3rd place or something???

Clearly we need a "GM of Common Sense" to manage the day to day operations of the team.

GM-Carson said...

His comment about Dom Brown not being ready really pisses me off.

He's not ready, yet Michael Martinez is ready to bat 2nd and start and 2nd or CF? C'mon. Just ain't right.

Preserve Jon said...

Well that was a terd sandwich.