Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Series Preview - Nationals

Pitching Matchups:
Tuesday, 7:05, Joe Blanton v. Livan Hernandez
Wednesday, 7:05, Roy Halladay v. John Lannan
Thursday, 7:05, Cliff Lee v. Jordan Zimmermann

The Gnats Offense:
Avg - .217 (26th)
OBP – .321 (16th)
Slug - .328 (25th)

Wow, those average and slugging numbers are horrendous. It’s probably because their lineup consists of Jayson Werth, Ryan Zimmerman plus a group of that may hit but aren’t (Desmond, Morse) and garbage (I-Rod, LaRoche, Ankiel).

Still, offensive optimism is still alive, at least in the broadcast booth. Whoever was doing color commentary on the Gnats game Sunday had this to say about Jayson Werth, “Maybe he’s just not seeing the ball well right now. This is a guy, when he gets locked in, he won’t make an out for a month.” Initially I thought this was a case of McCarver-like hyperbole, but a little research shows that in fact Werth did not make an out in November, December, January or February…

The Gnats Pitching:
ERA – 4.09 (16th)
WHIP – 1.29 (13th)
BAA - .242 (10th)

Livan Hernandez is slowly becoming Jamie Moyer, in as much as he looks like he could pitch forever and rarely tops 85 MPH on the gun. I love watching him get guys out with his combination of slow, slower and even slower. I also like that he has a career batting average of .222. By comparison, Abraham Nunez hit .221 in his two years with the Phillies. Quick Trivia - how many of the eight teams Livan has played for can you name? I only got five before looking it up...

As for the other two Gnats starters...who cares. John Lannan and Jordan Zimmermann may only give up a few runs but Doc and Cliff will be tossing shutouts so they don't really stand a chance.

Yesterday, the Gnats put Ryan Zimmerman on the DL with an abdominal strain. I guess that leaves Jerry Hairston Jr. at the hot corner for this series. Or Alex Cora.

If Blanton puts in a decent start today and the Phils take the first, they will sweep. Legion of Broom!

The Phils are first in the league in average and second in OBP. Their three-hole hitter, Jimmy Rollins, is batting .324. Despite the multitude of baserunners and hits, Rollins has zero RBI’s through 9 games. Prediction – Rollins gets his first RBI tonight.


Matty said...

If they collar Werth, it will be a successful series....at least for the fans.

GM-Carson said...

I wonder if we'll hear Phils fans boo Werth at Nationals Park tonight. They'll likely drown out the Gnats fans cheers.

GM-Carson said...

Livan Hernandez teams- Nationals, Marlins, Twins, Rockies, Expos, Giants, Mets...ah, crap, I don't know.

GM-Carson said...

Damn, I only forgot the Diamondbacks. That's pretty good.

Preserve Jon said...

With Utley already out, Lannan can do no further damage to the Phils. They've made him pay for that wayward up and in pitch to the tune of a career 0-8 record with a 6.09 era

GM-Carson said...

Joe Savery through 5 games for the Clearwater Threshers .778/1.911 (14-18), 5 r, 3 dbl, 1 hr, 2 rbi, 2 bb, 0 k.

Why the hell was he a pitcher for so long?

Corey said...

go ask rick ankiel.

GM-Carson said...

73 year old Matt Stairs gets start at 1st tonight. I'm calling longball off Blanton.

Nikole said...

The phillies of all teams should know all you have to do is throw J-werth high fastballs and he will strikeout 100% of the time.

GM-Carson said...

crappy game. blanton has been terrible through 2 starts. that is only 2, but they have been bad.

way to make the nationals look good. poor form.