Friday, April 29, 2011

Series Preview - Mets (Part 2)

New York Mets (11-14) @ Philadelphia Phillies (16-8)

Pitching Matchup:
Friday, 7:05, Mike Pelfrey v. Vance Worley
Saturday, 1:10, Johnathan Niese v. Roy Halladay
Sunday, 8:00, Chris Young v. Cliff Lee

The Mutts Offense:
AVG - .254 (13th)
OBP - .322 (16th)
SLG - .401 (11th)

Firstbaseman Ike Davis is a man on fire. He seems to find a way on base nearly every game and is batting .357/1.029. Since Jason Bay returned from the DL, the team is 6-1, and Bay is hitting well (.333/.898). Since taking over at secondbase, Daniel Murphy has played well offensively and defensively. Jose Reyes remains a top of the lineup catalyst, and Carlos Beltran is having a nice rebound year thus far. All in all, this offense is improving and once David Wright starts hitting like he's capable of and Angel Pagan gets healthy, they'll score a lot of runs. Of course, it's a team quite capable of being shutdown by Halladay and Lee. Worley on the other hand...

The NY Mess Pitching:
ERA - 4.42 (22nd)
WHIP - 1.46 (27th)
BAA - .272 (26th)

This staff has been bad, as evident by their rankings near the bottom of major pitching stat categories. Big r-tard tongue biter Pelfrey has a 7.23 ERA. Saturday's starter hasn't been that much better- Niese with a 5.10 ERA. On Sunday the Phils face Young, who is a game removed from the DL, but has pitched effectively so far (2.65 ERA in 3 starts). The bullpen is the strength, with Francisco Rodriguez, Pedro Beato, Taylor Buchholz, and Jason Isringhausen all logging important innings and boasting ERA's south of 3.

Break out the Legion of Broom for the Phightins. Cocky? No, not really. Just looking at the pitching matchups and noticing the lopsidedness.

More Bad Behavior:
The Atlanta Braves continue to fill up the smut columns, first Roger McDowell gay slurring and now Derek Lowe was arrested for DUI last night. WTF? He's like the eleventy-billionth numbnut MLB player to get caught since the turn of the calendar to 2011. Call a cab. Hire a personal chauffeur. Don't drive drunk!


GM-Carson said...

Dom Brown repeated his success in his 2nd rehab game, again going 2-4 with a homerun. Call him up!

GM-Carson said...

From Jayson Stark's Rumbling & Grumblings:
So how much have the Phillies missed Utley and Jayson Werth in the middle of a once-murderous order? Until Ben Francisco and Jimmy Rollins homered on Tuesday and Wednesday in Arizona, the Phillies were the only team in baseball with no home runs from the No. 3 and No. 5 spots. And in one stretch, before that Francisco homer, their 3-4-5 hitters (mostly Rollins, Ryan Howard and Francisco) made 173 consecutive trips to home plate without any of them hitting a homer.

The Phillies clearly are eyeballing the potential bat market. But clubs that have spoken with them have come away with the feeling they'd have a tough time persuading ownership to take on any hitter making significant money.

GM-Carson said...

Zagurski down, Dane Sardinha up, who was only batting .105 at Lehigh Valley. Bleh.

Bob D said...

Hopefully these MLB players driving drunk don't hurt or kill anyone.

Call up Brown for Martinez?? sure

Sardinha up means that Ruiz is not in good shape

ripjgarcia said...

They should have sent friggin Herndon down.

GM-Carson said...

It sucks that Blanton is hurting, but I'm Worley is getting a chance. He's the reason I think Blanton should be traded.

Howard's huge night- awesome.

Herndon ruining the shutout- demotion.

Bob D said...

Why does Herndon have more innings pitched than any other reliever when he has an ERA over 9? Next roster move should send him down and keep Stutes for a bit longer. Stutes could work his way up into the set up spot.
Baez and Kendrick have good ERAs but they have issued too many walks and hits. They should be on the bubble.

Ibanez 0ferwhat now??? 30???

GM-Carson said...

Romero hopefully back soon with Herndon down.

Ibanez now 0-30.