Friday, April 15, 2011

Series Preview - Marlins

Pitching Matchups:
Friday, 7:05, Roy Oswalt v. Javier Vazquez
Saturday, 7:05, Cole Hamels v. Anibal Sanchez
Sunday, 1:35, Joe Blanton v. Chris Volstad

The Fish Offense:
Avg - .264 (11th)
OBP – .335 (10th)
Slug - .400 (16th)

The biggest story for the Florida offense is the early struggles of Hanley Ramirez and Mike Stanton. Ramirez is hitting .256. Stanton, while battling through a quad injury, is down at .216 and left eight men on base during last night's win versus Atlanta. Neither of the two sluggers have yet to leave the yard.

The second biggest story is that two Philly has-beens, Wes Helms and Greg Dobbs, haven't been absolutely terrible. In limited duty, the duo are a combined 12 for 31.

The Fish Pitching:
ERA – 3.60 (13th)
WHIP – 1.29 (13th)
BAA - .249 (14th)

The Fish get lucky because they don't have to face Halladay or Lee this series. But the Phillies perhaps are even more fortunate because they avoid Josh Johnson, because after Johnson this staff is weak. The respective ERA of each Florida starter is 8.64, 6.97, and 5.59. Of course, Joe Blanton pitches Sunday...

As poor as the starting has been for the Fish, the back end of the bullpen has been solid. Leo Nunez has four saves and set-up man Clay Hensley has four holds and a 1.35 ERA. And if the game is close late, look out for the Ryan Howard v Randy Choate match-up. Choate has held lefties to a .178 average over the last three years.

Blanton pitches this series, so that means only two of three.

Magic #

Phlashback Phriday:
Phillies (3-6) at Expos (3-6)
Friday, April 15, 1988 7:35, Stade Olympique
Attendance: 11,292, Time of Game: 2:45
Phillies pitchers: Shane Rawley, Todd Frowirth, Mike Maddux, Wally Ritchie
Game notes: Milt Thompson and Chris James had two hits each and the Phils touched up Expos starter Floyd Youmans for three in the 6th to tie the game. But Frowirth did his thing in the bottom of the sixth, giving up a two run homer to shortstop Luis Rivera (pictured) to earn the loss. Tim Burke got the save for Montreal, who had doubles from Dave Engle and Tim Wallach.


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GM-Carson said...

Wow, thanks!

What was the post about again?

ripjgarcia said...

It was about selling car parts

GM-Carson said...

Dude, I just realized the Marlins logo on this post has a M with it. Is the a Corey photoshop original?

GM-Carson said...

Looks like Benny Fran sitting tonight with Gload getting the start. I'm fine with that, but I'm still confused as to why Ibanez gets trotted out there daily.

In case you can't tell, I think Ibanez's numbers will be horrible if he starts 150 games this year. He really should be sitting against lefties.

GM-Carson said...

This is my problem with the Phillies team. The offense is mediocre. Oswalt leaves after 6 and the bullpen in those innings sucks. Romero is trash. Baez Sucks sucks. If the starting pitcher can't get it to Madson and Contreras they're f'd!

ripjgarcia said...

That is the Danys Baez we all know and hate right there tonight. It was only a matter of time. I say bring back Chan Ho..

GM-Carson said...

His name is Baez Sucks. Get it right. Full name- Baez Fucking Sucks.

Corey said...

it's a "miami marlins" logo i found on the net. i used it b/c that's what i generally call them and what they will be called next year.

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